Christmas Canvas Art

I love the holiday season, and it seems most people use Thanksgiving as a time to put up the tree and start decoration. I know that's what we do at my mom's! As Jason and I are almost always out of town on Thanksgiving, I have taken to setting up the tree early so that home is ready for the holidays and happy when we get back to Pennsylvania. This year, I got some canvases and paint to spruce up our mantle with an easy DIY.

What You'll Need
Stretched Canvases (mine at 8.5" x 11")
Gold Paint Pen OR
Gold Paint and a thin Paintbrush

For the dotted canvas, use your paint pen or brush with paint to randomly apply dots, thicker at the bottom and more sparse at the top. With a pen, you can press straight down carefully to get even dots. With a brush, do a small swirl.

For the 'Be Merry and Bright' Canvas, first lightly outline the words on the canvas. This gives you a little wiggle room for error. Light it key so you can erase. Using the pen or paint brush, carefully trace over the lines, keeping the letters even.

Allow to dry then display!


  1. Very lovely. I'm not too sure when Thanksgiving actually is but I hope you have a lovely one :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. This so simple and easy, and I love that you can pretty much do anything with it to decorate. Plus, I can make it as simple as I want it to be since I'm not very good at drawing...haha.

  3. Fun and lovely. I like the idea of having Christmas ready for when you come back from your trip. We usually go cut down our tree the weekend the week following Thanksgiving, but help decorate the (fake) tree at my parents in the weekend following Turkey Day.

  4. I love these! I've been wanting to do something similar with a deer or holiday quote!

  5. Great ideas!! Found your blog from BlogPaws check mine if you have a chance


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