Raining on Parades

I adore weddings. I love taking photos at them because I find them to be a really special time. Perhaps I just love events - but weddings are really something. When you go to a fancy cocktail dinner, no one runs around taking photos of every little detail. Weddings are their own entity - they are a huge industry. I'll admit - I'm sucked into it. I especially love outdoor weddings. Mine was held in a public park. Becki's wedding this weekend was also outdoors. But let's talk about the one thing that outdoor weddings fear. Rain.

At my best friend's wedding, it rained. She got married on what would have been mine and Jason's 7th year anniversary (of dating) - and just like my wedding, it rained. I would say that I feel bad - but her and her husband made the most of it, and it was still a beautiful wedding. In all of these photos I took, they are filled with happiness and some great memories - and mine are just from the first part of the day. Sadly, due to the rain actually starting to flood their reception tent a bit, Jason and I felt it best to put the camera bag in the car. Plus, I had a certain number of drinks (no really, I have no idea how many or how few) and was intent on taking photos with Becki's iPhone instead. Rain is great symbolism - it's good luck in so many cultures, but it's hard to see that when you are plagued with things not working out and your guests getting upset or leaving. To that - I say dance in the rain. It's sure as hell what I did. And there is nothing better than having your first dance while raining - I have to say, it's one of my favorite things about our wedding, and in my own twisted way, I was happy to see Becki following in this weird tradition of having her first dance in the rain.


  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the way you captured your friend on her big day. And congrats to her for making the best out of a rainy day! Amazing!

  2. Aw these pictures are gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I would be angry if it rained on my wedding though haha! I'm glad you were both able to make the most of the weather though!

  3. I love candid shots and the shot of her getting her dress on is priceless! I also love the last picture of her getting her shoe put on. Great shots! :)


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