Spiderman? Spiderdog!

I think Teemo deserves his own 'outfit post' every now and then - especially when I've been sick with the flu - so here's a super cute post for you. This year, Teemo is going as Spiderdog (or, as we have been saying, Spider-Weems after his nick name Weems) for Halloween. He's going to save the world with his adorableness. Other than that, Teemo can not shoot webs or jump from buildings.

I love dressing our pups yearly. Petsmart always has a good variety of costumes, go check them out here. Teemo has been a motocyclist and a penguin. Raynor has had her fair share of costumes too. But it should be noted some dogs do better with it than others. Raynor tolerates t-shirts, but beyond that, she kind of hates it so we keep putting her in things to a minimum these days. Teemo on the other hand could care less. He looks so sad in these photos though - we really have to work on making a face other than 'sad puppy eyes' for food. Just watch your pup - if they seemed really freaked out or bothered by it, don't force it on them!

spiderman costume :: c/o petsmart
collar :: c/o the mod dog


  1. he is so adorable as spiderman <3


  2. Aww he makes a great superman!! I haven't bought duke a for real costume yet but he usually does not care when we put him in boots/coats/tee shirts. It's fun!!

    1. And by superman I obviously meant spiderman. DURR!

  3. SO ADORABLE!!!!!

  4. hahaha, I love how he looks "sad" - maybe just hungry for treats!?

  5. Our dogs would not keep that one for five seconds, but I'm glad Teemo does. He is TOO ADORABLE!

  6. So So Cute!! My daughter will love this!!

  7. oh my goodness. i can't even put into words how cute this is! piri has a little spidey bandana :)

  8. Cutest. Spiderman. Ever.

    - Rewynd

  9. You are a super, superhero, Teemo! The photo with spiderman's legs cracks me up!


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