A Pennsylvanian!

I love finding the demonyns for people who live in a certain place. I really enjoyed that someone who lived in Harrisburg was indeed a 'Harrisburger'. Cincinnati was a bit boring with Cincinnatian, and now living in Lancaster makes me a Lancastrian. Officially in September, Jason and I finally left what ties we had back in Ohio (minus the whole fact I still technically own a home there) by changing our licenses and cars over to the state. This really sadly means the loss of my 'OH HAI' plates since someone in PA already owns them.


I've taken to finding all the best things about this state, and the little small towns have been such a joy to visit. After 3 hours at the license bureau, we headed to Lititz to walk around for a photo shoot and a trip to Target. This might be one of the cutest little towns ever.

jacket :: mossimo via target remixed
scarf :: ebay
dress :: express remixed
belt :: target remixed
okinawa bag :: valhalla brooklyn remixed
ring :: c/o august wrinkle remixed
necklace :: etsy


  1. I love your ampersand ring! Great post and thanks for sharing!!! :)


  2. Did you go to Tomato Pie Cafe? That place has the most delicious food!

  3. I live in Longmont . . . I wonder what that makes me . . .

    I love your striped dress and that necklace is too cute!

    Haven't seen you around for a while--hope I didn't offend you in any way!

  4. I just bought a skirt from F21 that looks just like your dress :) Also, I love your blue scarf!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  5. I used to live in Lil-Tits! (Haha my Dad made that name for it) The summers in Lititz are the best with the art shows and food trucks. And the 4th of July fireworks are pretty phenomenal.

    The Occasional Indulgence

  6. So pretty as always! I never thought about all the names people give to the natives of cities, but you're so right - isn't that funny?

  7. So cute- how could it not be though? It is stripes with a denim jacket!

    All the gentilics I've used are pretty much the same, ironcially- a Wyomingite, a Powellite and a Codyite.

  8. Additional Pennsylvania fact: Pittsburgh people are either "Pittsburghers" or "Yinzers" because their plural of "you" is "yinz" (instead of, for example, "y'all"). According to my husband, people from Glasgow are "Glaswegians," which is EVEN. BETTER.
    Super Starling! / http://www.superstarling.com

  9. Lancastrian sounds very Game of Thrones. I am a Houstonian. I suppose that's okay. Gorgeous dress as well.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  10. Love your dress and how you matched it with the shoes! =)
    Looks like weather is getting colder over at your place. How I wish I can have a taste of Fall here =D

  11. I'm from Schuylkill County and people started lovingly referring to themselves as Skooks up here. We seriously have shirts, beer koozies, bumper stickers and all.

  12. yay! Welcome to officially being a Pennsylvanian! And I love Lititz - it is just the cutest!

    And I'm loving this outfit - those shoes are the best!


  13. Those shoes! That dress! Loooove. :) I just stumbled upon your blog via Crave Jewelry Design (she mentioned you on her FB page) and ZOMG! I'm in love! You dress the way I feel like I dress in my head, but really I mostly just wear stretchy pants and tank tops. ;) Anyhow - it's also totally random because I have family living in Lancaster, PA ... Crazy! I love that town. The row houses are so dreamy. :)


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