Cupcake Toppers

I love cupcakes, and even more, I love doing something a little special to them. For my wedding and for my friend Becki's recent bachelorette party, I created my own cupcake toppers to make the little treats even more cute and fun. Here's a little tutorial on how to make them - you can do simple circles or even custom shapes!

Lemon-liciuos cupcake

What You'll Need
Toothpicks, flat
8.5" x 11" Shipping Labels (I use these in so many of my DIYs! They are so useful!)
eXacto blade or 2" hole punch for round toppers
Illustrated toppers (one printed in reverse if using a custom shape like the corgi and silhouette)

Print out your toppers. For custom shapes, before to flip the shape horizontally for printing. In Illustrator, go to Object -> Transform -> Reflect -> Horizontal

Carefully cut out around the shape with an exacto blade. For an easier time, design on 2" circles and cut out with a 2" hole punch!

Peel the backing off of the sticker and press the toothpick down into the middle. Remove the sticker from the other side and carefully align to create a two sided topper! Trim off any excess.

Stick in the cake and serve! An easy, cute way to personalize cupcakes or another type of sweet.


  1. those are the most adorable cupcakes EVER <3

  2. These are so cute. Perfect for Halloween!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. Cute! I definitely need to get some labels.
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

  4. So cute!! My friend made me one for my birthday this year that had Nick Cage on it haha

  5. so adorable! these definitely make cupcakes more personal and more adorable :)

  6. Whathwathawthawt! This is so simple! I thought it was gonna be some super complicated thing that nobody can replicate, but it's actually simple. Props to you for being a rad human being on that. I love these!!~

  7. This is such a simple and cute DIY project! It's funny because I would've never really thought to do this, yet it's so easy and seems so obvious that you can just make them at home instead of buying them.

  8. aw, this is such a cute idea. makes cupcakes just that much more adorable :) xx

  9. aw, this is such a cute idea. makes cupcakes just that much more adorable :) xx

  10. Nice and Cute!!! Idea thanks a lot for share

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