Bourbon Plum Cocktail

There is something about plums that scared me off for a lot of my life. I found them kind of hard to eat, and up until I realized I wasn't eating them ripe, I avoided them. Once I figured out what a ripe plum tasted like, it was delicious. It's quite the pairing with bourbon, especially with some plum bitters to match.

What You'll Need
2 Shots of Bourbon
A few Dashes of Plum Bitters
Plum Juice or fresh squeezed Plum Juice
A less ripe plum for decoration (sits better on the glass)
Orange rind

Pour 2 ounces of Maker's Mark, 2 ounces of plum juice (or all you can squeeze from one plum), and the plum bitters over ice in a shaker. Shake well for 20 seconds.

Put ice and a curl from the rind of the orange into a glass, curling slightly to release some of the oils. Pour the mixture over the ice, and serve with a plum slice for garnish.


  1. I like these glasses. Have you been to the Makers Mark headquarters in Kentucky? My husband and I took the tour and samples a few years ago.


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