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I was really excited to get to try out a few interactive toys for Teemo. Teemo is the kind of dog that doesn't play normal dog games like tug or fetch. He used to get a lot exercise by getting his dinner in this weird kibble ball, but now that he's back with our other dog Raynor, she steals it from him and eats it all, so that doesn't work. It was due time Teemo got some toys to play around with, especially ones that would keep him interested with his 'puppy currency' - food. Planet Dog provided Teemo and I with some cool new interactive toys to try and get him moving. The 'food' we used were treats also given to us by Planet Dog - a nice surprise I wasn't expecting. Puppy treats are hard for us - we only use wheat free - and these were wheat free and sounded delicious - PB&J with blueberries. It was hard keeping Teemo away for this photo - he's right out of the frame of the shot while I'm repeating 'leave it'.

We received a few different toys - I was excited to see what Teemo would end up loving the most. He got really excited about this mint flavored ball, presumably because it has a really strong smell (my whole entire first floor smells minty fresh!). Not only does it smell good (and help Teemo's breath issue!), but it floats and bounces. He runs like I've never seen him to fetch it (his version of fetch, by the way, is get the ball, hide under a chair, and chew it) so our other pup didn't get a chance at getting it. The best part of this ball? 100% of the proceeds go to their non-profit charity for canine service programs.

Next up was the Snoop Interactive toy - the one I was most excited about when I talked with Planet Dog. This new toy seemed interesting - and I wasn't too sure exactly what it was going to be. Basically, this is a semi-circle with two layers and a hole in the center you fill. The treats go in between the two layers and come back out of the hole. This was Teemo's preferred toy as he understood what to do with it quickly and the reward came quicker than with the Mazee.

The Mazee is by far the most interesting interactive toy I've seen - I love that you can see the treats inside because one of our issue with toys where treats are stuffed in is they easily get stuck and you cannot tell. This one was great because Teemo could see and smell the treats - he immediately started pawing at this one and rolling it around ferociously. When the treats didn't tumble out as quickly, he returned to nuzzling the Snoop around while Raynor took the lead of rolling the Mazee all about. And let's be clear, Teemo is my little reviewer here and the star of this blog (he is 'my' dog afterall), but Raynor ('Jason's' dog) enjoyed these too. She figured out the Mazee a lot faster than Teemo and that is her preferred toy.

The big thing to note is these aren't chew toys and you have to make sure you store these after play as most pups (at least mine) will tend to chew on them after since they smell and taste like treats. They aren't meant for chewing, and while durable, they aren't durable enough for crazy chewing. I have seen Teemo tear through an insane amount of things for a dog with an inch overbite, and I am careful to store these in the closet on a high shelf when they are stuffed with treats.

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  1. oh my goodness. too cute. i think piri would love the first one too! how cool that it's flavored! and i love their business model of giving back!

  2. Hmmm... I'm thinking some of these might be great for my sister's pup who dislikes when she has to go to work and he is alone.

  3. lol those look fun .....Teemo is such a good model :)

  4. Oh my gosh why did you show this to me? Do you know how often I get toys for my dogs? WAAAAY too often! And now they're going to get more....

  5. Teemo is gorgeous! I'm glad he likes his new toys ^_^ x

  6. My son said, "That's a cute dog," as I was reading this. hehe. I love these dog toys! I used to work at a pet store and loved all the unique toys that would come in, but these beat those. ;)


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