On Point

Our weekend in Baltimore was full of food, fun, and good beer. We began our first day by checking into our hotel a bit early then walking ourselves over to Fell's Point for lunch, shopping, and a few drinks before dinner. I adore Fell's Point and was really happy to be able to spend more time than we have gotten in the past since we normally can't drink as we have an hour drive home for the pups.

We didn't find anything shopping, which I was fine with, because the real gem here was finding the Admiral's Cup, which not only was a friendly comfortable place, but had 8 taps dedicated to local breweries. We fell in love with Full Tilt's Fleet Street Raspberry Wheat and Evolution Brewing's Jacques Au Lantern.

shorts :: loft remixed
belt :: off a dress from a'gaci (similarremixed
sneakers :: keds remixed
corgi tote :: via modcloth
ring :: kiel mead remixed
sunnies (both, because apparently I kept switching) :: ray ban remixed


  1. Ahh yay for scalloped shorts! Looks like your trip was fab..I personally love a good craft beer.

  2. Okay I LOVE these pictures, especially the beer taps one. And your sunnies are pretty awesome.

  3. I've never liked beer and I don't know why, but I have always liked stripes and I LOOOOVE your top!

  4. super cute! i love that top....don't they have a dress similar to it? and the bow belt with the sneakers and scalloped short fun and summery :)
    the tote with the queen and her corgis priceless ;)

  5. That shirt seems a perfect match for where you took these photos and that bad is just so YOU!

  6. KATHERINE! I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks. But I think it's only been like one or two blog posts. I gotta say I love that first image with the sunglasses reflecting on the menu like that. You always capture the best little details with your photography, one quality which I adore so much about your image sets.

    I'm glad that your weekend in Baltimore was rather amazing! How nice it must be to be out and not have to worry about coming home to the dogs (I mean that in a totally good way--like an, oh yay, I can spend an extra hour at this place I found!)

  7. I love Baltimore!!! and such a fun peplum top!


  8. I love that tote. Fells Point is such a great area in Baltimore.

  9. yummmmy! brews! you'd fit in great here on the west coast
    kw ladies in navy

  10. baltimore harbor is really a neat place. i remember going there for a field trip when i was in junior high and went again with my husband when we moved to the DC/VA/MD area! i think you brought the most perfect tote while visiting! :)

  11. It sure looks like you had loads of fun. Great to see you enjoying the summer weather =)

  12. What a cute bag and outfit. I love your facial expression in the second shot! I never heard of Fell's Point. seems lovely!


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