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Madeira Ohio SignDeer Brat and Suzie Shirt

In all of the time I've had this blog, I've never taken photos in suburb of Cincinnati I spent over 10 years of my life in. Madeira, pronounced with a deer in the middle and not like the Portuguese island, is a quaint little town where all the local high school kids constantly hang out at this fountain. I was surprised to find none here when I pulled up, but then again, it was Sunday morning. I thought my new shirt with it's adorable stag sketch was the perfect fit to introduce you to a small part of my old town. Speaking of this shirt, it's from Brat & Suzie, an adorable British brand that is pretty much all about animals - you can see the variety of cute things here. It came from a new favorite store of mine called Surfdome. Obviously, I'm not a surfer ( and based on these photos, didn't grow up near a beach) , but don't judge a book by it's cover! In addition to a bunch of really cute swim suits (think Seafolly!), they carry some of my favorite brands as well - Sugarhill Boutique, Nixon, eyes and more. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in searching at specific stores I can forget to branch out - thank goodness my blog has taught me to keep my eyes open.

Brat and Suzie Tee and Tulle SkirtSoel Society Shoes and FountainCorgi WatchSurfdom Brat and Suzie Tee OutfitMarc by Marc Jacobs BagTulle Skirt and Sole Society Heels

brat & suzie stag tee :: c/o surfdome
skirt :: tulle remixed
bag :: marc by marc jacobs remixed
watch :: remixed
celine heels :: sole society remixed
 sunnies :: ray ban remixed

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  1. that skirt and the bag! perfect combo, I love the purple!! I love finding new online stores, its the best part of blogging!

    Bunnies and Pearls

  2. Ah local hangouts. They're the best. I love your deer top so much. I definitely agree about not judging online stores by their cover - so to speak. You never know what cute things you'll find!

  3. love the print of that skirt paired with that pretty bag :)
    and of course love those 2 tone flats :)

  4. Just a thought: Madeira, is written like the island in Portugal, and it means "wood". The problem is, the English language confuses the sound, "ei" is not pronounced like "ee", it's pronounced like "hey". I speak both languages (well, and French, Spanish and a bit of Italian ;))
    But, semantics aside...Luv the outfit and your style!
    Best! Alex

    1. Definitely - but the town itself is pronounced with a 'deer' in the middle just like other towns in the US are pronounced differently than the original places (or mispronounced) like Versailles, PA. It was named after someone's last name who pronounced it that way.

  5. I sometimes get so focussed on old favorites that I forget to branch out too. A very cute look.

  6. Well it looks like you're branching out is going very well that tee and watch are adorable.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  7. i like this skirt/t-shirt combo!

  8. Loving all the purple going on! Outfit looks great :)

    xo Amber P.

  9. Love graphic tee shirts. I went through a phase where I refused to wear them, but I've been having a lot of fun wearing them with blazers and skirts lately.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  10. Cute shirt! I'm definitely going to check out that shop. Sounds like they carry some great brands!

  11. That tee is wonderful, i love the sketch on it. It looks so wonderful paired with the skirt, definitely one of my favourite combinations :)

  12. These pictures came out so pretty! I love your whole outfit! :) I should go back home and take so pictures. My home town has been described as "post card america" type town. (Aka one stop light and nothing it it aside from a drive in movies and a zoo).

    Sara :)

  13. That skirt is just so adorable! And the bag that you paired with it is perfect! Looks like the rest of your summertime travels went well!


  14. Love that shirt and I'm def. enjoying catching up on blog posts!!


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