Hen Party

I am so happy that my best friend Becki is getting married in a little less than two weeks now! As the matron of honor, I got to plan the bachelorette party I've always dreamed of for her - cute, full of girl time with the bridesmaids, and just the tiniest bit naughty. I ordered custom made t-shirts (how lucky are we that our friend Megan's husband works at a screen print shop?!), made lots of cute custom cupcake toppers (there will be a DIY next Monday!), and planned all I could. We started with yummy lunch at the Bonbonerie and then headed for photos at Shaw Farms. It was a bit early for a pumpkin patch, but the setting was perfect and it all worked out beautifully - the weather couldn't have been better.


This is only what we did and wore for the first half of the day. Stay tuned for photos from our evening on Friday!

sweet valley dress :: dear creatures via emerging thoughts
belt :: anthropologie remixed
tights :: target remixed
boots :: love culture remixed
bracelet :: via fab remixed


  1. This party looks like so much fun! Everyone looks adorable too. I really love your striped dress with the cool boots.

  2. These pics are so fun! I was a groomswoman in charge of planning a bachelor party for my friend a few years ago and it was SUCH a blast. This will for sure be an awesome memory! :D


  3. Adorable party! I love all the stripes and your boots.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  4. what a sweet sweet party! your friendship really shows through in the pics! i have a best friend from 2nd grade. and it was literally a childhood dream come true when she was my matron of honor. :) have a lovely time at the wedding! (love your dress!)

  5. this party looks like an adorable party <3 yay! :) it's amazing you have such wonderful friends :) ! <3 you look beautiful tho !


  6. looks like a great party :)
    love the colors of your dress and your nail polish is awesome

  7. With your attention to detail, I bet you're pretty much a dream of a maid of honor! These photos are so pretty, I love the one of you two in front of the barn looking wall especially! Looks like a ton of fun. And your friend Becki is reminding me of Katy Perry in some way!

    perfectly priya

  8. I love pairing that dress with the deep purple tights! So cute!

  9. Looks like a lot of fun! I like the pattern of the stripes on your dress. I can't wait to see how the evening played out!

  10. You guys are funny! Goofing around =D
    I like your dress. You matched it just nicely with the boots =)

  11. You all are looking so awesome in this funky looks and it really suits you a lot.Good work.

  12. I have been to Shaw Farms. Such a cool place it is! I enjoyed your pics.

    Sasha from Absolute digitizing

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