Lancaster's Central Market

There are things I have taken to love about living in Pennsylvania, and that is mostly the abundance of fresh produce, farmer's markets (or really, having farms basically in my backyard), and a nice little city where parking is always available, on street, for free. I'm becoming accustomed to small city living finally. Jason and I enjoyed a day walking around downtown, stopping at the market, buying ourselves a local root beer, and just moseying about.

sunstream eyelet dress :: anthropologie remixed
cambridge satchel :: via modcloth remixed
belt :: modcloth remixed
necklace :: modcloth remixed
sandals :: target remixed


  1. Cool photos and beautiful dress: ) I greet: )

  2. Wow, you look so well wearing green :) It's amazing :) The dress is fantastic !

  3. That satchel from Modcloth is every bit as amazing as I imagined it would be!

    7% Solution

  4. I just love that you have a cut-away dress that so perfectly shows off your tattoo!


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