Harbor View

On our first day in Baltimore, we decided that the aquarium was intriguing enough to give it a try on our second day there. We started off with a good walk over towards Federal Hill for brunch at Bluegrass Tavern. We needed a good, home-style meal that would fill us for the day since we planned on walking and adventuring a lot. It was delicious!

Baltimore inner Harbor from Aquarium

After brunch, we walked back toward Inner Harbor and bought our aquarium tickets. After hearing about the National Aquarium and how amazing it was - both from friends and websites - I was a bit disappointed. Large? Yes. But terribly laid out. And incredibly dirty - it looked like children has been drawing on all the windows with crayons (and we were there early). I found it weird to say I like the aquarium in Kentucky better (because, you know, it's in... Kentucky).  You can find more of the aquarium photos on Flickr, if you like.

Jellyfish Orange on BlueRainbow Fish Swimming

We did enjoy ourselves, despite being stepped on a lot, but we definitely needed a beer, snack, and a seat afterwards. We took a nice walking tour of bars and restaurants, stopping in for snacks and beers wherever caught our eye. We even stopped into Rye again (we also visited last year in this post) for cocktails and duck fat fries!

windward halter dress :: anthropologie (find on ebay) remixed
belt :: target remixed
sandals :: target remixed
necklace :: c/o the rad market remixed
corgi tote :: via modcloth remixed
sunnies :: ray ban remixed


  1. i always love your city pictures- you have a knack of capturing the feel of the location. and this is BY FAR my favorite summer outfit of yours. i love the cute nautical print and that tote of yours! so cute. and the aquarium in chicago stinks haha so i'm never that into going to one. i love the jelly fish picture you caught though!

    xo marlen
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  2. Oh how fun, looks like a nice city to check out! And your dress pairs well with it.

  3. THat dress looks absolutely stunning on you and seems to fit the occasion perfectly :)

  4. This dress is so perfect on you!! I love the print on it and the one on your tote is so great too. Sounds like a fun day, I love visiting aquariums. The best one I've ever been to was in Greece

  5. I love your dress and the photos from the aquarium. Feels like I was there with you, and those drinks look super yummy too!

  6. Agh, Leinie's is probably my favorite brand of beer. Cute outfit!

  7. A beer sounds wonderful after that aquarium trip. Sorry it was kind of crappy! I really love the Atlanta aquarium and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Both of those were really great last time I went.

    As for your dress. I love it! So nautical and cute. It looks perfect on you!

  8. Oh my god, that food looks AMAZING. It makes me miss Meat & Potatoes...haha. I also love your dress and the shots you got in the city and aquarium. Aquariums are such neat places to take pictures!

  9. ah bummers about the aquarium! i was disappointed that we didn't get to go when we went to baltimore a couple of years ago!


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