Be Yourself, Together

Here's a perfect wedding related post amongst all the posts from our 'un-anniversary' trip. I believe that it's always a good time to celebrate considering I have someone willing to live with me / put up with me / love me. I'm also really excited that my girl Becki has found her match. Becki and her beau Jeremiah have popped up quite a few times here on the blog (from her engagement last October to her bridal shower last week).  It's always wonderful to see a friend in love. I am MORE than excited for her wedding, so planning out a good gift is more than essential. There's always a registry of course.....

photo by : best day ever (these are my dear friends, their house is seriously amazing)

Here are some of my Target registry picks for my friends. They live in a beautiful, Victorian (I believe?) home and have all of the cutest trinkets and things. Becki's always been an artist - her first major in college was photography - and always has the most creative ideas for her living spaces. Jeremiah is quite the handyman (I mean, he made a fish tank out of an old television set) and is always creating new things for their home.

threshold towels (i seriously love these, we own them) // stoneware canister and lid  // key bottle opener 

I love the idea of 'being yourself, together'. Definitely each person in any relationship brings something unique to the table. My gift idea combines my artistic girl Becki being represented with a high-end point and shoot camera - an Panasonic Lumix (just like the camera I used for years before we got our DSLR). It was a great camera for all of our various trips. For Jeremiah, I wanted something handy that also could capture a memory. I always see little memos and photos hanging around their house, and thought a message board would be perfect! But, none of them were really 'them'. I loved the idea of giving a DIY away as a gift. So I've grabbed a few items from my local Target and crafted a little shopping list from it!

Shutterbug + Handyman Gift, Target Shopping List :
Framed Cork Board
Chalkboard Paint
1 or 2 Colors Acrylic Paint
Sponge Brush
Painter's Tape
Push Pins & Chalk
You will also need : A printer to print the DIY instructions

Go ahead - print the PDF, and either gift this to someone to make together as a couple or try it out yourself with your beau!

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.
Target Wedding


  1. awesome! love weddings and target therefore love this post! you're the sweetest to do that for her
    kw, ladies in navy

  2. What a fantastic idea! I am definitely going to be doing this soon =)

  3. The horse-head photos are amazing. Love this.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  4. Wow! I like how you created something special and unique from a affordable items. This make a great gift too =)


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