Cider Sangria

I love apples - as evidenced by yesterday's collection of apple related goodness - and apple season is finally here. Sangria is one of my favorite drinks - but it's usually reserved for summer. I had been playing with mixing bourbon and white wine when Jason suggested adding apple, and it clicked. A yummy apple sangria for fall. This is by far the best sangria we've made - I wanted to take more photos the next day as I took them as I poured us each a glass for Saturday night dinner, but we finished the entire pitcher that night.

What You'll Need 
4 Apples of a variety of types and colors (I used Fuji, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, and Gala) 
1 Tangerine 
1 Lemon 
1 Bottle Chardonnay (inexpensive) 
1 Quart Apple Cider 

Sliced your apples into thin slices and put into a large bowl. Peel your tangerine and put the slice in with the apple.

Cut a lemon in half and squeeze over the apples, tossing. This will brighten the flavor as well as keep the apples from browning.

Next, pour about 3 shots of bourbon over the apples and tangerines and toss well.

Finally, add the entire bottle of wine. Place in the fridge and allow to sit for a few hours.

Transfer the fruit and wine mixture to a pitcher. Fill with apple cider.
Serve with a few cubes of ice! Enjoy!


  1. That looks so delicious, yum! Good tip, I'll keep it in mind!

    XO Imke

  2. Oh my gosh these sound so yummy. I'm totally an apple lover, especially in the fall! I'll have to try this sometime <3

  3. bookmarking this because i LOVE fall drinks and anything with cider. :D

  4. Yummy, that sounds AMAZING. I just made an apple cider mimosa... apple cider substituted for the OJ. It was delish!

  5. Apple cider and bourbon... I can't think of a better combo, unless of course you figure out a way to mix some maple syrup in there, but that might just be the Canadian in me talking.

  6. Oh my goodness, amazing! I have to try this!

  7. Oh my goodness, amazing! I have to try this!

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