The Bright Side

The song from Monty Python's Life of Brian has been playing a lot on my one of my Pandora stations, and it always has me wanting to burst out singing at my desk. I refrain so my co-workers don't think I'm too 'out there'. When I get home, I often end up singing it to Teemo, for no apparent reason other than Jason and I sing to and about our dogs a lot. Except I sing 'always look on the bright side of Weems' which is what we call Teemo sometimes. This bracelet is a happy bracelet to me because it always makes me want to sing the song all the time. This dress is also a happy dress because it has dogs all over it. I really do have a 'print with animals' problem, don't I?

cavorting canines dress :: anthropologie (via ebay) remixed
belt :: target remixed
loafers :: target remixed
bracelet :: kate spade
rings :: gorjana griffin remixed
necklace :: lulu bug jewelry remixed


  1. I adore this dress!!! It's such a great piece :D the print is perfect and those hot pink shoes are the perfect pop of colour. I sing songs to and about my dog allll the time, glad I'm not the only one. I sing "Mr.Dukie" to the tune of "Mr.Sandman"

  2. Teemo is so cute! And you can never have enough animal prints. Or any prints, really. I was just thinking about how my wardrobe lacks some fun novelty prints. Good thing my birthday is in less than 2 months! :D

  3. Oh that picture where you are holding Teemo is the cutest thing ever! Also, I have a print with animals problem -- elephants, deer, kittens -- I own them all!
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  4. Oh my gosh the pic of you holding him like a baby is HYSTERICAL. I hold Monte like that sometimes!

  5. You look so wonderful <3 I really like your dress and I'm in love with your dogs <3

  6. Ei Katherine! "Always look on the bright, side of life" (whistling ffiiiu fiuu fiu fiu) :) And you look very bright on that outfit :)
    Sofia G

  7. I love that dog print dress! Looks great with the pink shoes!
    Penniless Socialite
    Necklace Giveaway!

  8. love this outfit :) those target loafers go great with it!
    i think you wear animal print

  9. Teemo, as always, looks adorable. Love you two together!

  10. I love the dress, especially with the little pink belt :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  11. Singing Monty Python tunes is always a win.
    Love your dress and the pops of pink!

  12. Aaawwww. Honestly, I think anything with animal prints is so YOU, my dear. I love the print on this dress... and especially adore the fact that it's black and white. That makes it all the more fun to style with quirky and bright colors and accessories.

    Also, I think you should not refrain from singing your songs. ;) SING YOUR HEART OUT GIRL FRAN <3

  13. Well, it is not a problem if it is your style. And animal prints are definitely your style. You look good.

  14. I adore this outfit!! The pop pink is so cute!!

  15. Man. Target is starting to open across Canada within the coming months, and I cannot wait for the onslaught of cheap shoes and cardigans I will be purchasing! Also, the photo of you holding your pup - there were fireworks in our neighbourhood a couple of nights ago, and my husband-to-be had to carry our poor pup all the way home like this!


  16. That print is gorgeous, and Teemo is so cute!

  17. i like the dress and bracelet. and i love it when you hold teemo like that. it's the sweetest thing ever. i often hold piri like that too and give him pecks all over. i think he hates it but oh well! :)

  18. Love this dress katherine! You look adorable, and those hot pink flats are lovely.

  19. I just love your blog! Your pictures are always spot on and I love your love of animals! Thanks for brightening up my day! :)


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