It Was All Yellow

Yellow is one of my happy colors. It was one of the main colors in my wedding, the color of my favorite fruit (bananas), and has been the paint color in my bedroom and my home at times. That is why I was quite relieved that my dear friend Becki's wedding color palette involved yellow - a happy color for a happy event. While this isn't the dress I will be wearing for my matron of honor duties come October (it is another yellow strapless number though), this is a dress that reminds me of wedding and happy times. I received a gift card to the local mall for graduation (a week before our wedding), so Jason and I promptly went to Anthropologie to search out a dress for out rehearsal dinner.  This was yet another example of I can't choose clothing for my body and Jason can. He insisted I try the dress on, and while I was reluctant at first due to the bandana print, I'm sure glad I did. It's hands down one of my favorite (and most remixed) pieces. This dress is over 2 years old now and shows no sign of wear and tear.

Yellow Bandana DressAnthropologie HeadbandMonsieur Bunny NecklaceAnthropologie Bright Bandana DressLoeffler Randall for Target ClutchSeychelles Blue Skies SandalsAnthropologie Bright Bandana Dress and Seychelles heels

bright bandana dress :: girls from savoy via anthropologie (now on ebayremixed
belt :: anthropologie (similar) remixed
blue skies heels :: seychelles remixed
necklace :: crave jewelry design remixed
clutch :: loeffler randall for targeremixed
rings :: gorjana griffin remixed
headband :: anthropologie


  1. Yellow is my favorite color and the pattern on this dress is so darn cute! It fits you like a dream! Because my wedding was in the fall, I opted not to use yellow in my wedding but I sure love when other people do!

  2. It is a pretty dress and has such happy connotations attached to it!

    I love yellow too. My room growing up was all yellow.

  3. You look darling! I love yellow. You pull off that color quite well!

  4. Actually yellow it's not one of my favorite colors, but I don't know why, I'm starting to open my "heart" to yellow and love it more and more. And I can't live without bananas (like a minion would say : BA-NANAAAAAAAAA). These outfit it's super cute :)
    Sofia G

  5. Love the print on the dress and matching shoes, you look wonderful in yellow! I have had yellow bedrooms and it may be my number one happy color as well (though emerald green gives it a run for its money!)
    xo Hannah

  6. Yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear. I actually lost my favorite white and yellow dress a while back, so I am on the lookout for a new one. Love the shoes with it.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  7. pretty :) yellow is one of my favorite happy colors too :)
    I had a yellow dress I wore to homecoming in highschool. I can't believe you have that clutch from Target, I have the shoes out of the same material!
    also those shoes are cute too :)

  8. Aw, yellow is such a lovely color on you, Katherine! And wow, it has quite the impact in your life, too! Bananas are pretty rad fruits, and a yellow wedding sounds so dreamy. My favorite color would have to be lilac-blue-aqua, like hydrangeas. Wow, that's a horrible description of a color. xD I TRIED

    How cute is your hair always? It is always so chic. I wish I could pull off short hair. I just looove your little hair clip! And you always find neat places for locations (I feel like I'm always telling you that). What a good wall! :D

  9. darling dress on you. love you in yellow!
    kw ladies in navy

  10. Yellow's my favorite! Your shoes are awesome!

  11. You are rocking head-to-toe yellow! It really is such a happy color - I actually had my blog revolve around mustard yellow to remind me to stay positive. :)


  12. yellow is my favorite too! i agree it's a happy color! the dress is uber cuute!

  13. This dress always looks so cute on you. Such a great piece! I love this color on you. Plus mustard yellow looks great with so many other colors, I can see why it's easy to remix!

  14. It is a really cute dress and I love the shoes with it too. When I was 13 I was so proud of myself for saving up money to paint my bedroom yellow and buy a green rug so it looked like I was in the grass on a sunny day. . .it is still like that in my parents' house and I miss having a yellow bedroom! "It was all yellow". . .why do I know song lyrics with that song and it isn't coming into my head at all (the title that is). . it is driving me crazy because I can sing the tune but I can't remember the song title or who did it.

  15. oooo, that dress is just so gorgeous! I really love yellow on you! It was so great to meet you last weekend!



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