Philadelphia & The Electric Run

Two weekends ago, Jason and I ventured with some friends to Philadelphia for a weekend full of food, drinks, and....running. Except, that's not exactly what happened.

Philadelphia ViewSuburban Railroad Station DetailKatherine at El Vez

These photos were all taken before we walked the additional 10+ miles to and from, before the race was canceled, and before we got caught in a storm and felt the heat of lighting on our sides. Fortunately, we had just devoured some amazing guacamole from El Vez (along with splitting a margarita because Jason and Rion convinced me getting my own was a bad plan before a 5K) and were leisurely heading back to our hotel during these photos. Once we switched to our workout clothes (an uncomfortable set of an attire for me) we spent the next few hours walking to the run (which just sounds ridiculous seeing it in written form). Then as we waiting in line at 9PM to run the Electric Run 5K, they cancelled the race, forcing us to scurry back into the city (the cab wait was well over 2 hours). Blistered feet and 5 miles later, I was happy to sit down at a familiar bar and enjoy a brew. Anyhow, sadly, these photos don't show the miles we walked through the pretty parks and the amount of adventure we went on. I'm over 5Ks though - I'm really not into anything my SLR can't be dragged along my side with me anymore.

Embassay Suites Balcony PhiladelphiaRing and EarringsPennsylvania Railroad Suburban StationOutside of El VezPhiladelphia StreetAnthropologie Leopard Print BelteShakti Red Dress and TattooTarget SandalseShakti Red Strapless Dress

dress : c/o eshakti remixed
belt :: anthropologie
sandals :: target remixed
bag :: valhalla brooklyn remixed
headband :: anthropologie remixed
necklace :: c/o turtle love co remixed
ring & earrings :: c/o uncommon goods remixed & anthropologie


  1. I've walked races before, it's always nice when they have that option and you have a big group of friends!!
    I love this dress, such a gorgeous colour on you and guac and margaritas sound amazing

  2. PHILLY!!! How I love it. Where was the run where you had to walk 10 miles to it... Manayunk? ha-ha. I am sorry your race got canceled but it looks like you made the most of it! I love this dress on you :)

    1. oops - I guess I misworded that! It was about 4 miles from our hotel in Fairmount Park, but we did a little site seeing and going to restaurants, so all together we walked like 12 miles without meaning to. Would have been fine had I not worn the worst socks / running shoes ever.

  3. oh man, that stinks! i have friends who ran in the first wave before it was cancelled. i would have been freaking out about the lightning! el vez has the BEST blood orange margaritas! sooo good!

  4. i love all the items of your outfit , always a delight to check out your blog sweetie ,

    I Just posted a shopping haul & a great news for all my followers , wanna see it ?


  5. That is too bad about the race. Sounds like you burned loads of calories with all the walking.


  6. Your outfit is as cute as usual! I'm sorry that the race was cancelled.

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  8. Red is a really good color for you, and those buttons give a fun retro vibe to things.

  9. I love that color on you so much! And I like that it shows off your tattoo!
    Sincerely, Sara

  10. I always like how in your pictures there's a sense of travel... if that makes sense. It's like I'm following you through snapshots of your day, like a little movie, but with pictures! Your red dress is darling. I love how it shows off your tattoo on your back~ eheee!

    Also I hope I haven't missed (too) many of your posts in the past few weeks. I've been SO SLOW with catching up on comments and posting myself and the days are flying by since it's the last stretch of summer. I'll be in the swing of things again soon... HOPEFULLY (stares mournfully at sky)

  11. Oh nooo! I'm so sorry about your plans going awry. And you didn't even get a whole margarita! At least you got to enjoy a beer at the end of the day. That always helps.
    And I'm right there with you. I'm generally not into activities where I can't bring my camera along!

  12. Love that you are a PA blogger. :) As a central PA native, who now lives in Philly, it's so much fun to see the areas I'm familiar with from a different point of view!

  13. red looks great on you and love the little cheetah print belt :)

  14. those photos are genius <3

  15. gorgeous images (seriously, this photography is amazing) and adore your tattoo! i dislike anything that involves Ks and running so i am not into that stuff either. dslr must be able to come along comfortably
    kw ladies in navy

  16. Too bad about your race being canceled! At least you could have some fun times in Philly! Also, this dress is adorable on you!


  17. Oh too bad about the race being canceled, but you got some great pictures!

    P.S. I'm giving away a $100 gift card to Boxie this week and I would love for you to come and enter!

  18. What a day. I'm sure it's a tiring day but I'm glad you survived! LOL! You look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures.


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