Walnut Street Bridge Harrisburg

When I first visited Harrisburg, I was driven down Front Street, where there is a long, quaint park along the river. I was amazed at the cute buildings perched right across from the water - no levee, no walls, and no real space between the river and the road. It was a real switch from the Ohio River in Cincinnati - the geography and cityscape are nearly complete opposites, and I was in love with the fact that Harrisburg was 'adorable.' I'm still honestly shocked when locals seem off-put by me calling their city cute, but it is truly is from my perspective. While I'm fine not living here (I technically never lived in the city, I lived nearby), I do enjoy working downtown and driving down Front Street every day. I've been wanting to take photos at this bridge forever, and I finally set up one day after work. I was surprised no one got caught by my camera considering the amount of people that passed me. I must be really good at making things look completely desolate at 5:30 PM.

Brown Cambridge SatchelLeah Reena Goren Cat Print Dress DetailKatherine Overlooking susquehanna RiverScarf over Susquehanna RiverFeline Karma Dress BackFeline Karma Dress On BridgeBass LoafersKatherine with Owl Scarf and cat DressKiel Mead Ring Crave Jewelry Design BraceletFeline Karma Dress On Susquehanna River

feline karma dress :: leah reena goren for anthropologie remixed
belt :: target remixed
flats :: bass remixed
bag :: cambridge satchel remixed
scarf :: gift from jen of made in minich
bracelet :: crave jewelry design remxied
ring :: kiel mead remixed


  1. That dress is rally cute! Love the bridge too :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  2. What a great spot for photos, love the bridge, definitely picturesque. And i adore this kitty dress, especially when paired with the owl scarf, EVERYTHING WITH ANIMALS!!!!

  3. I always love seeing this dress- it fits you so well. This is a very...I dunno how to put it classy yet somehow also bohemian or rather nature-y looking remix. I love all the subtle details like the brown loafers with the gold/bronze details that match that lovely bracelet and the belt. It is understated yet works magnificently.

  4. I think Front Street in town (where the park is) and some of the area around the capital is adorable - most other areas not so much. If anything that town depresses me. Especially when you go from 22 over the bridge to the capital - that bridge is in rough shape! Half the lights don't work and there are weeds everywhere!

    Have you been to city island?

  5. Love love love. Adorable outfit, and you make me miss my home!

  6. really? this was at 5:30 pm? you did do an amazing job of making it seem empty! the bridge is really beautiful btw!

  7. Aw I always loved that anthropolgie and wanted it for myself. It looks adorable paired with loafers. The location is perfect. <3

  8. So beautiful :) I absolutely love your outfit!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  9. Oh Miss Katherine, these photos are GORGEOUS! You really do take the best tripod photos in the world. I hope to be able to venture out and take tripod photos like you one day. Guess I'll just have to be out there at 5:30am like you... a determined lady you are!

    Oh. You put 5:30pm. Totally read that worng. In that case, how awesome that there weren't many people!? Too awesome!

    I adoooore your dress and your belt and your jewelry and your everything. Basically, I just really adore this outfit. You're cute to boot!

  10. So many cute prints! I love the idea of mixing two animal prints together! Genius!
    Sincerely, Sara

  11. That dress is adorable! I love how you paired it with the loafers. You look great!


  12. Adorable dress. I have a knack for making places look desolate as well, it's a gift.
    a geek tragedy

  13. These pictures turned out great! I love the backdrop for these pictures. Your outfit is so adorable here too. I love the mix of pattern you styled up here. Your satchel bag is awesome too.

  14. very pretty dress! you have a special sense of dresses! you do never go wrong!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  15. Wow! Lucky you to be able to get such clean and clear shots at 530pm! In fact, you're blessed to be able to find so many places to get to do some nice photography. As for me, I'm still trying to find those places =D

  16. These photo's came out great! I would have totally have fallen in the water if I were you. ha-ha I love the scarf and the shoes with this dress! :)

  17. That dress is gorgeous!! And I love this spot - one of my favorite places in Harrisburg!



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