Bridal Shower & Card Review

Cardstore Friendship CardTheres No Substiture For You

Cards are difficult for me. As someone who spends a lot of their day designing invites and cards, I'm pretty picky when it comes to picking them out. And no, I really don't want to spend hours designing one after work most of the time. I love design, but there is a line of how much time I should spend in Adobe products before I go nuts. Anyhow, I loved that I could add photos and personalize cards, so I agreed to a review since Becki's bridal shower was quickly approaching, and I hadn't even managed to find a gift yet. Instead of a bridal shower one, I chose a card in the 'friendship' section since the sentiment I wanted to share was more about that.

Cardstore Card cardstoreCardstore Custom Friendship Card

The card I chose came quickly (thank goodness!) and arrived in plenty of time for me to carry it in my purse for about a week, planning what to write. Held up pretty well for a week in my purse, right! Well, needless to say, Becki loved the card. It definitely felt like more of a gift than a throw-away card because it was custom and not something I picked up on a whim. I rarely buy cards anymore, and when I do, I prefer them to have photos anyway. I enjoyed the print quality of these so much, I'll be sure to order again.

Katherine and BeckiKatherine and Becki at Newport on the LeveeSugarhill Boutique Ice Cream Print Dress

After the bridal shower, Becki and I ran a few errands, found a veil (!!!), and ate at Hofbrauhaus. In the smallest amount of light possible, we shot a few outfit photos on the purple people bridge down in Newport. It was a great day, full of good girl time I've been needing desperately lately.

Katherine at HofbrauhausBecki at HofbrauhausSugarhill Boutique Ice Cream Print DressKatherine and Becki being sillyKatherine and Becki and the purple people bridge 

dress :: sugarhill boutique via modcloth remixed
scarf :: forever 21 remixed
belt :: target remixed
heels :: seychelles remixed
bracelet :: kate spade remixed
bag :: marc by marc jacobs remixed


  1. That card came out really really well! I have to keep this in mind for up coming events for friends. Thank you! AND I would not want to spend more time in Adobe when I got home either... :)

    LOVE the pink scarf! :) Also loving your friends dress! :)


  2. Great card!! I have a hard time finding cards that express what I want to say, so I like that you can add a picture! Pictures speak a thousand words as they say! From just a few pictures we can all see that you and Becki are such great friends!

  3. That card came out well.

    You two both look lovely. I especially love the bride's lace number.

  4. Adorable pictures of you two together. You can tell that you are great friends.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  5. the card is awesome looks like katie daisy's work
    you girls look adorable together :)

  6. The card is beautiful, and she looks so happy! =)
    I'm very very happy for her!
    both outfits are adorable!!!!

  7. I'm always one to make cards for my friends and family on special occasions, so I feel you on the card designing thing. Also, it held up for a week in your purse like that? Girl, you are magic. Mine would be burnt and covered in peanut butter or something, I'm sure, somehow, someway...

    Aw, I'm glad you had some girly down time with your friend. You're both looking most daaaaarling!

  8. That's a huge mug! LOL! I'm sure after downing that, you guys are definitely happier than happy! =D
    I think picking a card is so important. The content and design have to somewhat match.

  9. What a cute card! Glad that you found something so meaningful! Looks like you gals had a great day!


  10. Adorable card and an outfit to match! I love scarves and dresses paired together and you two looks so cute hanging out together! So glad she loved the card. :]


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