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One of the advantages of being perpetually early to everything is that I have some alone time to take photos of myself, just in case something happens that I cannot later. Such was the case at a beautiful park overlooking Pittsburgh where I met up with a few other bloggers one Saturday afternoon. With all of us driving from all over, we had only one person at the picnic from Pittsburgh, Jackie from Jade and Oak, so getting lost was nearly inevitable. But, once we all made it, we had a bit of time to take some photos before shopping in Shadyside and dinner at Verde.

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I was really excited to meet Sara from Swing the Day Away - we've been talking about meeting somewhere in Pennsylvania for awhile now, so it was really exciting. I also was lucky to meet Katie from Beautifully Pure, Hannah of Shedding Glitter, Laura from Thrifting Through Life, Jackie (from above), and Julie of Orchid Grey. Also photographed is Sara's friend Nadia, who may be an alternate version of myself - we both talk a lot, are designers, and have pixie cuts.

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sing sweetly dress :: anthropologie remixed
belt :: modcloth remixed
ring :: kate spade remixed
necklace :: crewcuts remixed
sandals :: seychelles remixed
sunnies :: ray ban remixed


  1. These photos are AMAZING, this backdrop is absolutely perfect. Love the dress, such a fun print and the shape of it is super flattering. What an awesome blogger meet up, such stylish, lovely ladies :)

  2. So cute!!! I wish there were more bloggers by where I live. The closest that I know of are in Utah. :-( And I believe that number of active bloggers to be dwindling quickly. I love your pretty dress and that cityscape is just gorgeous!

  3. I love the fact that when you jumped you had to hold your ladies in : )


    1. Ahaha - I'm glad someone noticed. I was basically panicking the entire time because this dress was a little more revealing than I remembered, and it's what I packed!

  4. Everyone looks so lovely in their outfits! And gosh, your tattoo is so fantastic!


  5. Ah how fun! I love being able to hang out with other bloggers, I don't do it often enough.

  6. yay happy to see the photos with the other ladies too (and of course i'm the only one not in a super cute dress!) we actually ended up doing our engagement photos on the other end of mt washington since i was so inspired by the view that day. they're up on my blog now :) and excited to check out everyone else's blogs now!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  7. OMGGG I LOVE PITTSBURGH! It's my city I'm from and grew up in! I now live in Cali. So jealous!

  8. More Pittsburgh bloggers!?! And here I've been feeling pretty much in the minority in this city!

  9. Your dress is lovely and how fun to be able to meet other bloggers.

  10. Adorable dress, adorable necklace, adorable photos! Nuff said!!


  11. That's such a cool photo of all fo you. I love your dress, gorgeous! /Madison

  12. Everyone looks so adorable! I love these pictures. I also love your dress. That neckline is gorgeous!

  13. hehehe, so I was looking through these pictures and my roommate totally digs your outfit, too. That dress is adorable. It looks like it's got some excellent boobie storage, too. Ha! But seriously, the cut of this dress is adorable, as is the print.

  14. So glad that I got to meet you in person! It was a blast. We'll definitely have to do another meet up sometime again. :)

  15. You look lovely!! And that looks like it was a really fun little blogger event!

  16. You always have the cutest printed dresses :)

  17. That dress was so adorable on you, even though it was a little difficult to jump in. ;) Again, it was so awesome to meet you! :)



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