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In honor of the holiday here in the states today that my husband lovingly calls ' America Day', I wanted to share some of the tips I have about capturing the moment. I think sometimes this is what I have the most trouble with, but looking back, the photos I have from our get togethers in our home in Cincinnati are priceless. Here are some of my most prized photos, although maybe not the most artistic, and how I got to taking them.

-364 : the last hurrah-169 : new years girls 

Tripods Are Wonderful
Setting up a tripod at parties early in the night has always been a successful and fun thing to do. My friend Alyson and I began doing it, and not only did the photos usually turn out well, but it was a fun activity that usually entertained quite a few of us.

alyson's winning ticket

Details of the Moment
Focusing on small things that are important to the moment are wonderful. They don't picture the exact moment, but can evoke a feeling and memory. Above is my friend's winning ticket from a Kentucky derby party.

-77 : girls night out

There is Nothing Wrong With a Good Mirror Shot
I'm not sure why the only photos I have of my friends from  college Leah and Maggie and I together are mirror shots in bathrooms, but that's what is so perfect about it. Any slight downtime where you can actually remember to take the camera out, do it. Don't worry about the setting so much as the fact you are remembering to capture the moment.


Be A Creeper
Seriously, sometimes a good shot during a get together requires you to just snap away at people. Taking shots from different angles or across rooms can be really fun and result in lovely photos.

we never grow up

Don't Lie
Some of the funniest, greatest photos from family vacations are the ones where we look tired and bored, because it's telling. Taking photos of the not so great parts can actually make them better! And they are hilarious to look back on.

jour trois cent cinquante six

Take A Moment
The most important thing about capturing the moment is actually taking that moment to do so. It's actually an argument my husband and I have constantly about how I take away from 'being in the moment' by taking photos of it. I disagree - some of my best moments were made even better by taking the moment to take the photos. This last photo was taken while randomly driving around Atlanta and deciding to get off on an exit called international something because it sounded like Epcot. It wasn't, it was a strange place, but we took a moment to place our camera on the top of the car and pose.

Happy 4th of July - enjoy it!


  1. so cute! i have lost my tripod and need to find it stat after seeing that second photo!
    kw ladies in navy

  2. haha, I love the tired and bored pictures--those ARE the funniest ones! It's like when something really awful happens and you look back on it and laugh... and laugh... and wonder why you took things so seriously when you knew you'd just end up looking back on it and giggling over it.

    this is an awesome set of tips, Katherine. Have a super rad 4th of July yerself!! <3

  3. aw you guys are too cute <3

  4. Haha my hubs and I have this same argument, but mostly when we're travelling and he doesn't want to put the camera down ever. I loved your tips though, thanks for sharing! love the "dont be afraid to be a creeper" and capturing the real moment. hope you two have a wonderful 4th!!
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    1. Oh and were you ever worried the tripod would get knocked over? that would be my only concern w/ setting that up, but i love the idea!

  5. Love this. I need to start setting up a tripod early, that's a good idea!

  6. Great moments captured! I love fun and random times to take photos sometimes, but mostly just enjoying wherever I am. Happy Friday! :) Madison`

  7. hahaha the bored one was so sad but cute. I loved the second one the most!

  8. hahah i LOVE the "don't lie" one. the first week in seattle, marc and i went exploring and at one point he gave this huge, bored yawn and i snapped a picture of it. it was SO funny, and now every time we pass that spot we take a yawning picture. i also like the idea of setting up a tripod and letting people go to town. i'm usually the one obsessed with taking pictures at party's and events, and i sometimes get the whole "just put the camera down" shpeel. but after the photos are up and finished, we're all glad i was such a creep, haha!

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  9. I definitely think that even those pictures where you aren't smiling perfectly are great for helping you remember the true emotions of the moment!

  10. These tips are wonderful and so true! i love group shots so much! they always keep the memory of "that one evening when we..."

  11. i love the mirror shots with your friends. love the smiles!


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