We All Cheer!

I can't believe this dress is FINALLY back in my closet. Awhile back, I was shipping it out for Flock Together and my husband mistook it for trash. I repurchased it, and while it got shipped all over the country, it never got back to my door step. So technically, this is the third of this dress I have bought, which is nuts. But I love it so. It was the perfect dress for a day in the summer heat drinking beer with my friends in downtown Harrisburg. Apparently, not perfect enough because I'm definitely in the background of the best dressed picture, apparently and amazingly shushing someone.


All I can say is that I'm really lucky I've found such great friends in Harrisburg. After the brewers' fest, we searched out food and visited a new vintage store where I found the most perfect Polaroid camera still with its case. Lucky me!Polaroid One Step Rainbow CameraModcloth It's a Sher-bet DressPurple CrocsSass and Peril Raccoon ToteOne Step Land Camera and Popsicle NailsIts A Sher-bet DressIce Cream Print DressPolaroid One Step Land CameraIce Cream Print Dress and Polaroid Land Camera

dress :: modcloth remixed (kind of....you know. it's the same dress, just not)
belt :: target remixed
shoes :: crocs remixed
bag :: sass & peril remixed
ring :: gorjana & griffin remixed
necklace :: tiffany remixed
earrings :: anniversary gift from jason!


  1. I can see why you bought it over and over again! It is absolutely adorable!

  2. OMGosh that is insanity! I would cry and cry. I am glad it found its place in your closet once again though, the ice cream print is so cute!

  3. how could he take this dress for trash?! o.O I don't see what lead him to that thinking. o.O


  4. That dress has 9 lives apparently : ) So glad you managed to get your hands back on it. So perfect for you.


  5. Uoh just your luck! Aparently, at the third time it's the right time :) And it's for sure worth the trouble of ordering till it's on your doorstep!
    Sofia G

  6. That dress is adorable! I can see why you bought another one to replace the one that got thrown away. I would have been so pissed! The ice cream cones are perfect for summertime outings:)

  7. I would have been so mad to lose that dress!

  8. ah hahah I love the shushing!
    That dress is adorable and I love the jumping shot :)

  9. that camera... is so awesome. such a lucky find!

  10. Love the dress! Looks like a great time, I lol'd at the first pic!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  11. Hahah that first picture made me laugh and also go, "What the heck?!" Ha! Well, I hope whoever you were shushing shushed. That's funny how you made your way into someone else's picture like that.

    Your dress, oh man, I so love this dress. Ice cream print AND navy? It sounds like something I could live in.

    Also, polaroid camera, oh man oh man! Are you just having so much fun with that? I've always wanted one. I wouldn't be so good at carrying it around places, though, because I'd be afraid that I'd drop it or something. I can't even get myself to bring a normal camera around... sighs!


  12. That is such a cute ice cream cone dress!! Does that polaroid camera work well aside from being adorable?? -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  13. Oh my goodness- So sorry to hear that dress didn't make it back to you! But happy you got it again; I can see why you would. You look absolutely adorable in it! And that polaroid is a cute prop. It would be fun to see some of the photos you took with it.

  14. I really like the print of your dress!

    XO Imke

  15. your short hair inspires me I am thinking of going back to a pixie cut it was so much fun!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  16. the dress is worth it! and i envy your polaroid!

  17. did you hear about anthropologie's anniversary collection? I did a post about it and featured you in one of my favorite dress from the past YAY :)

  18. Sometimes if things are meant to be, it's meant to be. No matter what, it'll find it's way back to you =D
    I like your manicure! Looks cool!


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