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Ohio Quarter RingOhio State Quarter Ring
I kind of suggest you click and view these large on Flickr - you can see the details of the ring more!

I never had a ton of pride about being from Ohio until I left, but now, being a Cincinnatian feels like such a huge part of me. I mean, I did spend 80% of my life there (which is crazy to think, because it feels like so much more. When Uncommon Goods reached out to me about jewelry month, I got to looking around the site, and found this amazing state quarter ring by Clyde Austin. Back in the day, I tried to collect all the state quarters, but gave up like half way through and there is a random assortment of quarters somewhere surely still at my parent's house. This seems like a much better way to display them. So I picked out my home state, and not too long later, this custom ring was at my doorstep. Uncommon indeed - it's such an individual piece! Their website is full of fun, quirky things - they have a lot more than jewelry too! But, their handmade jewelry selection is really amazing and my favorite part of the site!

Jason and I ended up meeting some family in Gettysburg for dinner, which proved to be the perfect setting for these photos with the ring (I tracked down the Ohio memorial before we left). Although, it was raining.

Gettysburg Under UmbrellaLe Bunny Bleu Snow White flatsOhio's TributeKeds Scoop Neck DressKatherine at GettysburgKeds Chambray DressSterling Silver BraceletLe bunny Bleu FlatsKeds Chambray Dress and cambridge Satchel

dress :: keds
belt :: target (similarremixed
flats :: c/o le bunny bleu remixed
bag :: cambridge satchel remixed
bracelet :: vintage remixed
headband :: free people remixed
ohio necklace :: rusty chain via etsy remixed
state quarter ring :: c/o uncommon goods


  1. Loving this dress, and what amazing jewelry. Beautiful photos, as always.

    xox Sammi

  2. Cute flats! I love Le Bunny Bleu!


  3. I love this post and Ohio! Cute outfit!


  4. I'm so in love with your dress! It's perfection! Although I've never moved out of my home state, I love that I'm from NY and feel a strong connection to it.

  5. You know, I feel the same way about Colorado sometimes. That ring is really cool! A good friend of mine in high school made me a quarter ring (but long before they had the states on the back) and I loved that thing. Great dress and shoes too Katherine!

  6. Your shoes are so cute! I'm from NY but don't feel that proud of it.

  7. LOOOVE these photos, so pretty!! Your dress is gorgeous and the cut out flats are really lovely. I used to hate where I'm from but being older I appreciate it more now than I used too. That ring is a great idea, so unique!

  8. love the ring that's really cool and the dress is pretty too
    always enjoy your outfit posts :)

  9. I love that bag...and state quarter rings is such a neat idea! How cool! I also love that little ghost friend on the brick...haha.

  10. Well, hello! Those first two pictures are slammin', dear sweet Katherine. I did look at them on Flickr and daaaaaaang. Talk about a) super good pictures and b) yum, detail!

    That is such a neat piece. And I for one adore rings because you always know what size will fit you and they aren't annoying like a stack of bracelets brushing against your wrists all day can be.

    Also, how cool is this location for photos? You always find the neatest places. You little explorer, you! <3

  11. I love all your state pride in this outfit! And such a cute dress.


  12. I know how you feel, I never knew how much being a Minnesota girl was part of me till I moved across the river. Now I miss it!

  13. That dress is adorable and so are those shoes. I would love to visit Gettysburg! -Jess L

  14. Ha- I defnitely feel the same way about Wyoming. Its a state that drives me nuts half the time, but, especially when elsewhere, I am so proud to live there. These quarter rings are so neat. Normally state-related jewelry is shaped like the state, so even if they make Wyoming (which is rare) it is a square and therefore dull.

    Love the Ohio ring over the Ohio sign. Actually, as usual, love all your photos and the outfit too.

  15. omg! i just did a post on uncommon goods! i love their online shop - has a lot of great items :) i'm so so glad you have them in this post too! woot!

  16. I didn't think Keds make dresses too and this dress look really good on you. You paired it with a nice pair of flats as well =)

  17. That bracelet is so beatiful it almost pains me to look at it :D


  18. What a fun place! I absolutely love that dress and the shoes are so perfect! And that ring is a great idea!


  19. I have a lot of Texas pride (even if I don't agree with their politics), so this piece would be something that would interest me. Also, random, but I am obsessed with your haircut. <3
    xx Abby www.ageektragedy.net

  20. I love those shoes, you def. have a gift when it comes to styling and remixing! :)


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