The Dog Days

I am always so excited when we are able to get the dogs into the car and go to the park. We have been so overwhelmed doing things to the new place, entertaining guests, traveling, and going to work, that we have had no real time to explore the parks nearby. So finally, one Sunday, we skipped our run and went on a puppy walk in a nearby park. It was exciting - the puppies were over the moon. I was reminded of our walks in the nearby parks and neighborhoods back in Cincinnati, and it was a great feeling.

Katherine and Teemo at ParkBeam me up Scotty Dress as Skirtdog dogys of summerFox Ring and TeemoCorgi NecklaceKatherine and Teemo in the Park

Then we got home. We're peacefully cuddled on the couch with Teemo in his normal belly up position. Then, we found a huge deer tick on his big old belly. A whole search of everyone in the family ensued, and we doused the tick in rubbing alcohol while holding Teemo down in a tub. So much fun. Not at all. I didn't even veer but a few feet off the stupid path! I'm really done with the ticks.

teemo and katherine on park benchRaccoon Tote BagKatherine and Teemo in Long grassesKatherine with Raynor and TeemoKatherine and Teemo at the Park

tank :: espirit remixed
dress (worn as skirt) :: modcloth remixed
sandals :: seychelles remixed
tote :: sass & peril remixed
necklace :: gift remixed
headband :: modcloth
ring :: asos remixed


  1. Ugh...ticks are the worst! I hate bugs in general, really. I went camping last month and I was so paranoid that I was gonna have a tick in my hair or something. I didn't, but I did end up with a bunch of mosquito bites.

    I love that dress and how you wore it as a skirt! I also love your headband. :)

  2. This is such a fantastic dog themed look, love the dog print skirt, and your ring is so cute. Poor guy getting a tick! I am so thankful Duke hasn't gotten one of those, does not sound like fun

  3. You are so cute <3 Your dogs are too lovely yay !
    The skirt is too adorable to handle it :)

  4. aww yay puppy time! i'm sure they enjoyed every moment! :) and i love the print on your skirt! so perfect!

  5. awww... walking two dogs is awesome!
    love the skirt

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. Oh no! I HATE finding ticks on my boys, it totally freaks you out and gives you an itchy feeling, ick.

  7. Oh, no! Not a tick! I guess since he's so close to the ground any tiny little plant that rubs against him is a potential tick home, am I right? Good thing you spotted it before it got too large, though!

    Man, I will always love that dress. I've been in love with it since I first saw it on Modcloth and you always do something fun with it! Seriously, you made it into a skirt, that's both genius and a little inspiring. How did you even?! Haha.

  8. Very cute outfit! I really like the overall red accents, as well as your corgi (?) necklace!
    Deer ticks sound terrifying, though the only thing I really know about them comes from an episode of House. XD

    X i x i a || this is xixia

  9. You are so lucky you found that tick! Gross!

    You look cute and the puppies look adorable.


  10. Awww..Your corgis are adorable! Love your skirt too :)


  11. I love your outfit. We removed a tick from above my dog's eyebrow about a month ago and the hair has still not grown back, he has a wee bald patch! Horrible.

    Water Painted Dreams

  12. You're the absolute cutest! I love this outfit! And oh no, ticks are horrible and I'm always afraid of finding them on me. So glad you found it on your pup and got rid of it!

    xox Sammi

  13. I just had to have my other half explain what a tick was, don't have dogs but I don't think we use that word here. Sounds awful. Glad you got it sorted quickly, poor Teemo!

  14. Your two dogs are much closer in size that I'd remembered. So nice to see them with you as you rock an outfit. I LOVE that skirt@

  15. I love that ring and your little hounds are too cute!

  16. Your pups are so adorable. That tote is to die for!


  17. love that dress, those Scottie dogs are adorable!!

    Bunnies and Pearls

  18. What cute photographs! such adorable dogs :)..I love your bag and skirt too !xx

  19. well first off your skirt is adorable and I love your outfit (but that is obvious ;) )... secondly what a cute photo shoot! Teemo is so cute.... he looks full on corgi in these pictures. And ticks are horrible!!! I have yet to see one this summer (knock on wood!)

  20. What a fun puppy walk and that is seriously the nicest place to put a bench, so yey to the person who did that. You look wonderful!!

  21. I like how you wore the dress as a skirt.It stunning.


  22. Your dogs are adorable! And I hear you on the ticks. This is my first summer with my puppy and I have become quite the tick hunter but I am definitely tired of them!

    Crystal @ The Teller


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