I'm starting a new feature in place of remixes (which will be moved to Thursdays) of Outfit and City. (So outfits every Friday and Wednesday now - I realized I was taking them and didn't have enough places to put them). We explore so much, I wanted to share more of this with you. In a way, I love moving to new places. When I first moved to Harrisburg, I was excited by the new things and places to explore. While I did let the lack of shopping and good Italian food really get to me, our move to Lancaster has been a different experience. I am never done finding adorable new places and yummy new foods. Jason and I went and saw Despicable Me 2 (SO adorable!) and then went downtown to search out a new place to eat. I love feeling like a tourist in my own town now, which is funny, because so many years I was petrified of being labeled a tourist.

Lancaster City sign Crush Wine BarKatherine At Crush wine Bar
Wine and Bird Ring

Our first visit was to Crush wine bar (Yelp review here!). We were just walking around aimlessly looking for a cute photo spot, but it was nearing 100 degrees, and this place just seemed to beckon to us. The wine was yummy, and the place adorable. We made reservations at the Pressroom, an adorably newspaper themed restaurant, and enjoyed a little fancy pizza and soup for dinner. (Yelp review here!) I happen to think this city is adorable, and we tried to move downtown, but ended up right outside. You'll be seeing a lot more exploration of Lancaster here, so beware!

Yarn Plumes skirt in Downtown LancasterSeychelles heelsAnthropologie Style Downtown Lancastercrave jewelry airplane necklaceYarn Plumes SkirtAnthropologie Trichromatic T StrapsDowntown Lancaster

dress (worn as top) :: UO remixed
yarn plumes skirts :: anthropologie remixed
triochromatic t-strapes :: seychelles via anthropologie remixed
bag :: hobo international via modcloth remixed
airplace necklace :: crave jewelry design
watch :: swatch remixed
sunnies :: ray ban remixed
ring :: via walk in love


  1. I love this feature, I want to explore the city close to me, but being in the 'burbs means not as many cool places to explore. That wine bar sounds amazing, and I'm thinking I need to hit up a wine bar asap. You look like an evil genius with that wine glass, it's awesome
    These shoes are the besssst

  2. Oh my gosh I think I would kill to take photos on that road! So beautiful..

  3. Sweet photos.

    You are very coordinated with your outfit. The shoes match the skirt perfectly.


  4. You find the cutest places ever... this looks like so much fun just to hang out and have a glass of wine. I also love your skirt, very cute outfit. :)

    Sara :)

  5. you have the best details ever. necklace, bag, everything <3

  6. Your shoes are perfect with that outfit! I love how coordinated you are! Haha. I cannot wait to move to a new city and explore different places!

  7. Awesome photos and places! I love exploring my city. It feels like it's forever changing so I can't even keep up =)

  8. If I were to list everything I loved about this outfit it would be everything that you are wearing! You look just lovely :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  9. Your necklace is super cute and I LOVE that skirt!

  10. I know EXACTLY where those outdoors shots are taken! I love Lancaster so much. I need to make a trip to visit my sister soon - such a fun place! I need to check out that wine bar - looks amazing!

    Also, I'm loving your outfit! That bag is just so fun and your shoes are adorable!


  11. nice photos, i like this, great !

    Obat Benjolan Di leher

  12. Your town looks adorable! What a fun place to explore.


  13. Ugh, your adventures in your city just make me want to move somewhere where I'd be able to bike around and explore the city whenever I felt the need... how much fun you two must be having!! :)

    And can I say that I really dig that pink brickish wall with all the flowers hanging from the windows? I feel the need to tell you that I stared at it for a good minute or so... it has such nice decay hahaha. Nothin' sexier than some peeling brick MMHMMM DAMN STRAIGHT.

    Oh, right, outfit. Your cool backgrounds and adventures distract me so (in a totally good way, duh)! I adore the colors in this outfit. They're so very elegant, and they match those uber cute heels of yours perfectly... you are just a darling little lady.

  14. I am going to LOVE this series- it's so much fun taking peeks into other blogger's worlds. your new town is so adorable- even though you couldn't find a place in that downtown, at least you're really close by it! and that wine bar sounds yuuummy, and so does the concept of a newspaper room themed restaurant. and i love that snap of your shoes by the strawberry sign!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  15. Beautiful photos and I love all the great details both on you and the street! Can't wait to see more of your adventuring in Lancaster. :)

  16. i love how you and jason watch computer animated features! :) i'm still feeling like a tourist after living in VA for over a year! we're still finding neat places round town. it's a great feeling!

  17. Love Lancaster City. Almost moved there when I was married for a year. I haven't been there since even though we would go EVERY weekend for a whole summer (3 hours drive there, 3 hours drive back).

  18. Lancaster is such a nice city! I just graduated from Millersville University, which is 15 minutes outside, so I've gotten to spend some time there. Not as much as I would've liked, though... classes kept getting in the way. ;) I'm trying to find a job around there so I can get back into the area. I love your outfit! :)


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