Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Lemonade in Pitcher

I guess this is just a drink recipe - how to make delicious lemonade. And then suggestions on what alcohols to use with it!
What You'll Need
Juice 6 Lemons
1 Cup Sugar
1 Tablespoon Lemon Sugar (Optional)
Water & Ice

Lemon Sugar and Lemon Juice Together

Juice your lemons (I GOT A JUICER - very different from this post) and get your sugar ready.

Lemon Sugar and Sugars

Pour the juice of the lemons into the sugar in a large pitcher. 

Lemonade Sugar and Lemon Juice

Add some hot water and stir well until dissolved.

Lemonade StirredLemonade Stirring

Then fill with cool water, and stir more. Add ice to the top to get it cold if you are serving right away.

Lemonade with Ice

Lemonade is GREAT in cocktails. Here's some suggestions!

Lemonade with alcohols

Flavored Vodka : I'm actually not a huge fan of vodka, but many of the fruity flavored ones go perfectly into lemonade. Just be sure not to add too much!
Tequila : Try a lemonade margarita! Instead of using sour mix or lime juice and sugar, use lemonade in place of it. Add triple sec too if you have it.
St Germain : Adds an amazing sweetness to the lemonade. Can also be mixed with the vodka.
Flavored Liqueurs : Try a lychee or raspberry - so yummy!

Lemonde and POM Wonderful

Another great addition is pomegranate juice! Jason just had to have this - and it is a nice yummy addition that makes it a little more tart than sour.

Lemonade and Pomegrante


  1. I've always wanted to try that Pom juice, but I just can't pay what grocery stores want for it - that drink really looks delicious though!

  2. My mouth has gotten so watery by the end of this post xD I've never tried fresh lemonade but this recipe is too easy not to give it a try! xD

  3. yum, it does look so delicious ! <3

  4. Yummmmm!! I love drinks like this for summertime

  5. Mmm, looks so refreshing! My favorite summer drink is pimms and lemonade :) x

  6. My mouth is WATERING, I love lemonade!

  7. oh my goodness these options look delish! lemonade is a fave of mine
    kw ladies in navy

  8. cool an interesting move with the pomegranate juice :)


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