Anyone remember that Gin Blossoms song from the 90s? Well, it's been stuck in my crazy because I've been listening to 90s summer radio on Pandora, and because, well, I've been thinking a lot of jealousy, especially in blogging. Many bloggers curate what is essentially their lives. Their self becomes an online persona that is nearly indistinguishable from a fictional character - and the more enviable people are, the more popular. I am reminded back of the Myspace age when I was completely smitten with and jealous of a local Myspace friend of mine. She had the best photos, the sweetest thoughts, and the most interesting life to me at the time. Because what she offered up online was a small window of her life, she seemed almost unreal to me. So, when I met her in person, I pretty much freaked out because to me, it was the extent of seeing a Zooey Deschanel character be a real person (or Natalie Portman or something because this was in 2005 when someone else was cool). I feel like these are most bloggers to the world - these fictional characters. Even from smaller bloggers to larger bloggers, it's scary to think you might stumble across another blogger in real life, like a unicorn or something. There are definitely bloggers out there I envy. I still even envy that Myspace girl from 2005.

Fish in Pond

To an extent, envy can be a good thing. Had I never started reading blogs, I would have never started my own, ventured out taking my own outfit photos in more interesting locations, or doing most of what I do. But then I also see how this jealousy/envy/fear turns bad. I see comments, websites, and all sorts of things dedicated to tearing people down. It seems to be, again, in direct relation to how popular the blog is, and to me, how jealous, envious, or fearful people are of the person behind it. This really scares me a bit because there are better ways to take that and turn it into inspiration. I'm a bit saddened by my favorite blogs who have inspired me so much in my own blog being torn down with a multitude of comments about silly things. Girls who have seemed like untouchable Goddesses to me have mentioned negativity in their posts (I'm talking about Mandy and Rebecca), and I'm in shock because I can't fathom why anyone would be so harsh to such girls. My father has always told me 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all' (often in response to haircuts or dye jobs) and I encourage you to stick with that. If your jealousy/envy/fear/anger isn't positive, try and make it into something that is.

Lancaster County PennsylvaniaChirp Seychelles Sandals

So here's the most positive outfits I could drum up in the prettiest of spots. Let's be clear, my life isn't perfect. To start, I live basically in a farm town out in 'Pennsyltucky' - a term I hate because I actually adore Kentucky - and envy you greatly if you live in a major metropolitan area. But I make the best of it, and I love it for what it is. I encourage you to do the same, and if you find your self sad/angry/ranting online about someone who lives 500 miles away and you don't know, I suggest you take a step back. It's not worth it. Sorry to get all preachy on y'all, I've rewritten this like eight billion times.

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Lemonade in Pitcher

I guess this is just a drink recipe - how to make delicious lemonade. And then suggestions on what alcohols to use with it!
One of our biggest projects when we moved was rethinking our living room completely. Not only does our new house have a very, very different lay out from our last few places, but our couch has been thrown around from a few places in Cincinnati to two places here in PA already. The three seater IKEA Ektorp was fine back when it was me, Jason, and a guinea pig in a 500 square foot apartment. But now, with more guests coming in and out, two dogs, and triple that amount of space, our old couch wasn't working anymore. Put alongside that the super, duper cheap IKEA coffee table and side tables we bought back in 2008 are all dead (literally, Raynor annihilated that 40 dollar coffee table about 6 months ago. We started picking out things we wanted here and there to go along with things we have already have (and dragged from Cincinnati to Florida to Pennsylvania). And finally, it's all come together. Still, most of our house is from IKEA. I love it.

We're really happy with our new IKEA couch. Our plan actually wasn't to buy another IKEA couch, but the deciding factor came when I took a photo of a Pottery Barn couch in a slightly lighter shade of gray. Upon seeing the photo, Jason asked if my mom and I had gone to Baltimore after all? Why were we at IKEA? The comfort level was the same as the IKEA couch, only nearly triple the price (and at the outlet too). We're really happy with what we have, and have a special little DIY coming on how to personalize furniture a bit next Monday!

I am always so excited when we are able to get the dogs into the car and go to the park. We have been so overwhelmed doing things to the new place, entertaining guests, traveling, and going to work, that we have had no real time to explore the parks nearby. So finally, one Sunday, we skipped our run and went on a puppy walk in a nearby park. It was exciting - the puppies were over the moon. I was reminded of our walks in the nearby parks and neighborhoods back in Cincinnati, and it was a great feeling.

Katherine and Teemo at ParkBeam me up Scotty Dress as Skirtdog dogys of summerFox Ring and TeemoCorgi NecklaceKatherine and Teemo in the Park

Then we got home. We're peacefully cuddled on the couch with Teemo in his normal belly up position. Then, we found a huge deer tick on his big old belly. A whole search of everyone in the family ensued, and we doused the tick in rubbing alcohol while holding Teemo down in a tub. So much fun. Not at all. I didn't even veer but a few feet off the stupid path! I'm really done with the ticks.

teemo and katherine on park benchRaccoon Tote BagKatherine and Teemo in Long grassesKatherine with Raynor and TeemoKatherine and Teemo at the Park

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Ohio Quarter RingOhio State Quarter Ring
I kind of suggest you click and view these large on Flickr - you can see the details of the ring more!

I never had a ton of pride about being from Ohio until I left, but now, being a Cincinnatian feels like such a huge part of me. I mean, I did spend 80% of my life there (which is crazy to think, because it feels like so much more. When Uncommon Goods reached out to me about jewelry month, I got to looking around the site, and found this amazing state quarter ring by Clyde Austin. Back in the day, I tried to collect all the state quarters, but gave up like half way through and there is a random assortment of quarters somewhere surely still at my parent's house. This seems like a much better way to display them. So I picked out my home state, and not too long later, this custom ring was at my doorstep. Uncommon indeed - it's such an individual piece! Their website is full of fun, quirky things - they have a lot more than jewelry too! But, their handmade jewelry selection is really amazing and my favorite part of the site!

Jason and I ended up meeting some family in Gettysburg for dinner, which proved to be the perfect setting for these photos with the ring (I tracked down the Ohio memorial before we left). Although, it was raining.

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