Turtles In Love

Jason and I officially have been married for just over two years now. Our (early) Disney celebration was wonderful - and we decided the Grand Flordian would be quite the place to have our special dinner.

White Sangria at CitricosAracini at CitricosSwordfish at Citricos

Citrico's was amazing. We split an entrée as always, ate yummy cheese as a dessert, and took our time enjoying everything as the sun set. It's such a lovely background, and I'm glad we had the chance to celebrate our second anniversary this way. Though, let's face it, every year for sure isn't going to be this way.

Anthropologie Green Turtle Print Dress BackVintage Snake Bracelet and A SmileArribada Current Turtle Print DressHappy Arms Spread Turtle Print DressSunburn and A Backwards Bunny necklaceBack Love Birds TattooArribada Current Dress Beach At The Grand FloridianSeychelles Hydrangea HeelsGrand Floridan Fountain Turtle Dress

arribada current dress :: anthropologie (via ebay)
hydrangea heels :: seychelles remixed
snake bracelet :: vintage remixed
necklace :: gift remixed


  1. Happy anniversary! I never would have thought a turtle print could be so cute, that dress is adorable. I love living vicariously through your Disney posts, I've never been but it looks amazing!

  2. Happy anniversary lady. You seriously find the CUTEST dresses.

  3. Congrats on two years!!! That dress is adorable! :)


  4. I love your dress! And congratulations to you both!

  5. I love turtles , never saw on a dress. I'm in love :) And you have a sunburn! This year till now I haven't got one, yet! xD
    Sofia G

  6. Oh my goodness...what a stunning dress on you! I'm impressed you were able to buy it via Ebay.

    Congrats on the anniversary!


  7. Aww. Happy Anniversary! This dress is great. It looks so good on you, and it's cute a darling print/style.


  8. Cheese as a dessert--now girl, that's what I'm talkin' about! I like your style. I still have some gouda in the fridge... I should probably get to that soon. Tomorrow. TOMORROW I WILL EAT THAT CHEESE.

    Okay, I got a little off topic.

    Gosh, how cute is that dress?! It looks like someone painted it on there with watercolors, and I love how semi-sheer the fabric is. I seriously cannot get enough of the color green right now, either, because it seems SO difficult to find in stores! And so I really love the fact that you're wearing such a vivid green, PLUS it has turtles. What a perfect dress!!

  9. Happy Anniversary!! You look beautiful!

  10. Oh, what beautiful pictures! You look lovely, and that food looks delish! Congratulations to both of you :)


  11. Happy Anniversary to you both! I love that turtle dress, and green really looks amazing on you. I haven't been to any of the Disney resorts (except the Polynesian for the luau dinner show), but I'd love to stay in one some day.

  12. Congratulations you guys :)
    Katherine that dress is beautiful, and I really love the tiny bunny necklace. Hope you had an amazing anniversary,adore the cute cocktail in the first pic too!

  13. that turtle dress is straight up gorgeous on you! so glad you guys had a wonderful celebration :]

  14. That dress is just so cute! I really love the pattern - the turtles are just amazing! Hope that you guys had an amazing anniversary trip!


  15. how cute are those mouse ears with lime and lemon! the turtle dress is just too adorable!

  16. i love your tattoo!


  17. Oh my gosh I almost bought this dress in the store! It didn't look quite right on me though. It looks lovely on you! Anthropologie has the best patterns, eh? I got an awesome yellow one with a lemon print on a HUGE sale! It was originally $200 and I got it for $10 and it's now my favourite summer dress. Here's a link to my post about it if you want to see! http://trendytechie.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/neon-brights-and-the-best-deal-ever/

  18. Hooray for your anniversary! You look gorgeous in your green dress! I love the wonderful turtle print and how the deep v in the back shows off your tattoo.

  19. Wow! Great dress! You look amazing!


  20. Aw! Happy 2 years!! We just celebrated 3 in April. It's crazy how fast it flies by, although I also feel like we've been together forever :) It's a good feeling. You look super pretty and I'm loving this dress! My mom has a huge thing for sea turtles and I have a feeling she'd be obsessed with this!


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