The Force Is Strong With This One

In order to get the full feeling of satisfaction from our still valid Disney tickets, Jason and I took a weekend away to celebrate our anniversary (three weeks beforehand) and go to Star Wars weekend. Obviously, the two things didn't match up, but we make do. We focused in on getting all the Star Wars special stuff we could - from a delicious chocolate cupcake with a chocolate Darth Vader to a fruit cocktail. Drinking around kids at noon is so totally normal. I jest.

Stormtrooper at Star Wars WeekendDarth Vader Cupcake 2Star Wars Weekend CocktailsThe Force Cocktail Star Wars WeekendKatherine with Stormtrooper Star Wars WeekendKatherine and Jason Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekend

I look like the happiest person with that Stormtrooper. It was only seconds before he got accosted by about 20 foreign teenage girls. This was one of the most relaxing and fun Disney trips - usually I never pair relaxing with Disney, but we took our time, managed to stand in line for very little, and only rode a scant few rides before retiring home for a shower. I'm super proud of the fact I don't look like a hot mess of sweat in these photos. The Star Wars top is totally a dress I'm wearing under the skirt and I also have workout shorts on. 

Star Tours Fast Pass DetailWhiteKedsStar Wars Dress Blue DoorSunnies and Face

I managed to get a vintage Artoo necklace off eBay. I'm pretty proud of this 10-something dollar purchase. It's the little things.

Vintage R2D2 NecklaceR2D2 Star Tours LineStar Wars Dress StairsLove Birds Back Tattoo Star Wars DressWhite Sunnies and nailsStar Wars Dress and Black skirt

star wars dress (worn as top) :: rusty cuts via etsy remixed
skirt :: modcloth remixed
sneakers :: keds remixed
sunnies :: c/o modcloth
headband :: goody remixed
vintage r2d2 necklace :: ebay


  1. Your Star Wars outfit is THE coolest.


  2. Looks like such a fun day! Your Artoo necklace is so cute :).

  3. Amaing photos of such a specail trip :) Looks awesome.
    I especially like the R2 necklace, very cute!

  4. Oh man, this maybe one of your best Disney posts ever! I love your dress/top - so adorable! Sounds like you had a great weekend away!

    Side note - this past year for Christmas, I managed to score a vintage Stars Tours mug for my Disney obsessed brother. Our whole family is completely Disney nuts! :)


  5. aww looks like a total blast! glad ur having fun!

  6. That necklace is freaking amazing! AAh! Too cute for words.

  7. All your Star Wars paraphernalia is killing me. LOL


  8. LOVE the R2D2 necklace! What a good deal! Ebay is a dangerous place for me because things can be so cheap. I end up obsessing and checking every 10 minutes to make sure I haven't been outbid.

  9. This outfit is so epic! It makes me so excited about the new Star Wars movie Disney's planning right now! Eventhough my nerdy-heart is bound to get broken by that movie... :D

  10. Your necklace is kind of amazing. Great outfit!

  11. yay! omg this looks so so fun! i adore star wars. and have a few pics with stormtroopers myself
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  12. Oh my gosh, your Star Wars outfit is amaaaazing! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! :)

    xox Sammi

  13. love love this post! i love everything about it! and how neat is your necklace! r2d2 was my favorite and i remember being really sad when he got hit in the head :)

  14. haha i am LOVING the Star wars apparel! but holy hell, that is a looot of layers for a hot day in Disney. You definitely pulled it off, though ;) And those cocktails look so, so yummy and interesting. you guys definitely celebrated in style

    xo Marlen
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  15. this look so amazing and funny! i wish i could be there <3

  16. Love that outfit! Like you said it's the little things! I'm so envy! I would love to go to a Star Wars Weekend!
    Sofia G

  17. That's an awesome necklace! What a great find. :) It's awesome when you get to dress to match the theme of where you're going. And ahhh...more Disney pictures! I love seeing them and they always make me want to be there.

  18. I looooove this dress so much, I think it's my favourite of yours! I love it with the black button up skirt and that adorable r2d2 necklace
    Sounds like an awesome Disney trip :D

  19. Could there BE a more perfectly paired top and occasion? You are the queen of pairing events and clothing though. Love it. Congrats on your anniversary!

  20. Your R2-D2 necklace is wonderful. You do look so happy with the storm trooper. I wonder how hot they get in those costumes though! Poor guys.

  21. Oh man I love your Star Wars themed outfit! The dress works perfectly as a top. What a cool print. And your necklace was a fantastic find! So cool!

  22. I love it when you wear this dress! It really is perfect for tomorrowland :). I can't remember one time where Disneyland (or world) wasn't considered stressful. You were very lucky this time around!



    Southern (California) Belle


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