So You're Still Doing That?

I adore my pup, but there are those times where I wish he were an abnormal dog. And by that, I mean, I wish he were some super intelligent dog that didn't want to eat poop. Want to know what the challenge of this day was? Teemo versus the goose poop. I love dogs, and my might-be-dumb corgi mix especially, but there are some normal traits I could do without! Still, despite all the trouble, he still manages to do pretty well with distractions. I kind of hoped he would flop into the water, but one thing he doesn't really do is swim. I mean, who could swim with a giant overbite anyway?

Teemo and Katherine Looking At The RiverTeemo the Corgi at The RiverKate Spade New York Bow Ring Happy CorgiOutfit Katherine and Teemo at the Rivermrs kate spade new york earringsEnvelope Necklace Jean jacketJean jacket and Anthropologie Bandana Print Dress

Jen from Made in Minch sent me over the nicest care package - it arrived on my last day of my previous job and just felt like the best timing ever. This little bow came in it, along with the best scarf ever (I'm tempted to wear it all the time to work to keep me warm). The bow went perfectly with this dress and stayed in my hair all day (so much I forgot about it and fell asleep with it on).

Made In Minich Bow
Bandana Print Dress Love Birds TattooKate Spade All Typed Up Clyde and Teemo the Corgi mixTeemo and Katherine At The RiverMarc by marc jacobs WatchKate Spade All Typed Up Clyde At The River

denim jacket :: mossimo remixed
bandana print dress :: anthropologie remixed
belt :: target remixed
hydrangea heels :: seychelles remixed
all typed up clyde bag :: kate spade remixed
necklace :: via noto remixed
mrs earrings :: kate spade remixed
watch :: marc by marc jacobs remixed
teemo's collar & lead :: the mod dog


  1. I get that, dogs are awesome but sometimes just do really silly things. Duke has been getting into the trash so much lately and eating evvverything, silly puppy.
    I love this look, that dress is so quintessentially summer, and Teemo looks handsome as ever :)

  2. I totally asked for those earrings for Valentines...I got some other cute ones but I'm super jelly that you have them!!!! And that bag is incredible!

    I feel super lucky, our dog only tried to eat the cat poop out of the litter box twice when she was a puppy ... dogs can be so weird but they are totally worth it :)

    XO Lori

  3. Aw you look super adorable! I love all the little details~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  4. So cute. Lovely outfit and adorable bow.
    Teemo was eating the goose poop then?
    Dogs are silly sometimes hehe.
    Love this set of photos!

  5. He might have some annoying habits, but he sure is cute! And so are you in that darling summer outfit! Still so jealous of that awesome bag! <3

  6. You both look so lovely and I adore the second photo so much! Such a great shot! x

  7. ha! Dogs can be a pain sometimes :). I adore that dress, it's so perfect to showcase your tat!

  8. That dress is just so adorable and the pattern is just wonderful! And the bow is just so lovely and works lovely with your hair. Also, I can't get over that bag - so wonderful!


  9. Aw man!!! Teemo!!! Oh well, at least he's still cute as ever! I love your pretty yellow dress! And aren't care packages from other bloggers the best???

  10. I'm so glad my pup never had a poop-eating phase, but at least Teemo looks super cute even when he's being naughty!

  11. gosh dumb dogs are the most lovable but also -somtimes- the most annoying animals you can imagine. Back home we had two dogs and both of them were so stupid sometimes. They would eat everything! On top of that one was also a bit crazy. I bet you can imagine how weird things got with that one... :D

  12. Cute dress! Looks great with the jean jacket. And your pup is so adorable!


  13. Hey man, sometimes you just crave goose poop. Maybe it's something he'll never grow out of. You know what they say--once a booger eater, always a booger eater. Except for him it's more like "once a poop eater, always a poop eater." My wirehair pointer always eats rocks and does this derpy run if it helps. :)

    I really love how shiny your watch is, eeeeek! It just looks so sleek and touchable, hahaha. I appreciate a good, shiny accessory. And I love how you belted your dress with gold!

  14. Hello lovely one.
    I LOVE these pics. Teemo really is the most adorable pup, even with the latest antics. He stole my heart in that second picture.Your dress is gorgeous, great pattern...and the earrings make me wish I had my ears pierced!
    You take such care with putting your outfits together, its really inspiring.

    Really glad the bow reached you in one piece, I have one that i wear all of the time!The colours are so you...

  15. That last photo is just adorable. What great pictures.


  16. You and Teemo are lookin' good! And I'm DYING over your bag! I didn't realize it's the one thing missing from my life until I saw this post!

  17. lol at puppy dogs, right?

    Aren't care packages the best. The bow is cute (and those earrings!) The sunshine yellow of the dress is so cheerful.

  18. That bag and those earrings-- love them!

    Good luck with the poop eating, that's the nice thing about having a cat, but your corgi is just adorable!!

  19. hahah "who can swim with a giant overbite anyway?"- that made me LOL. and i looove this outfit. the dress is gorgeous, but your accessories are what makes it a win. from those sweet earrings to that amazinggg typewriter purse, this is just a fun outfit all around :D

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  20. Aww you look adorable here! Love that dress... and oh dogs. We puppy sit for my boyfriends brother and wifes dog sometimes. Enzo likes to eat through his leashes and harness's. I don't understand why! ha-ha

    Sara :)

  21. I wish Monte wouldn't let Roscoe pee on his head. Ah dogs.

  22. i love your dress and the bow is perfect.

  23. cute outfit - love the hairbow and your bow ring too. oh and my dogs do the dumbest things too. one likes to eat bugs in the house (well he puts them in his mouth and spits them out over and over) and they're still interested in using the house as their personal bathroom too. i always tell them that they are lucky they are cute.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  24. hah, your first two sentences had me reeling! teemo still seems like a cutie though...despite the poop-eating.


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