Bunny Love

Lately, my life has been over ruled by bunnies. Seriously, the dogs are constantly tracking in our neighborhood because the bunnies are totally everywhere. And these bunnies have no fear at all - they do not mind the dogs barking, they just chill. That all being said they are adorable, and I totally love that my backyard is filled with bunnies, and not a car dealership (Cincinnat) or another apartment building where kids threw rocks at my window (last apartment). I'm finding it easy to take our camera on walks now and capture Teemo and I in our weekend best, or rather, the skirts I deem 'weekend wear'. When the hell else am I gunna wear a sequined mini skirt?

Fat Teemo and Happy KatherineSequin SkirtKatherine and Teemo Overlooking ManheimBunny Motive flatsFleur de Lis RingTeemo and Katherine on a Walk

There is a reason I am talking about the bunnies in my post. My new bunny flats! I have been wanting these bunny motive flats FOR EVER. I got a gift card to Trinity Place and immediately snatched these up. I'm totally in love with them, and they are the perfect thing to accompany my beloved crave jewelry design bunny necklace.

Bunny Motive Flats and Bunny NecklaceFlower EarringsKatherine and Teemo on a walk

sunnies :: ray ban remixed
tank top :: j crew factory (recently found again buried in a box!)
sequined migration mini :: anthropologie remixed
bunny motive flats :: trinity place
bunny necklace :: crave jewelry design remixed
ring :: gorjana & griffin
earrings :: target remixed

Also, a bonus for your entertainment. This is how Teemo looks when we get home from these walks: 

Passed out Teemo


  1. Ah, I'm so jealous you got these flats. Just like you (because we have the same tastes, of course), I've been wanting these for FOREVER. They're really not THAT pricey, so I'm not sure why I haven't gotten them yet, but either way I'm super jealous. One day I'll get them finally and we'll match.

    Also, this skirt is adorable and Teemo is the best.

  2. You and teemo in that first picture are soooo cute. This skirt is amazing, the little sequinned stars are the perfect bit of sparkle
    Holy hell, i want/need those flats. TOO CUTE. I have a rabbit, and Mr.duke is always trying to play with him, which he hates

  3. hahah your dogs are too cute, and i love how fearless the bunnies are. so gangsta. and those flats are ADORABLE. i don't even know how you wated to snatch them up- i'm broke and i'm already fighting off the urge to throw grocery money out the window and buy em. haha enabler!!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Oooooh bunnies--I used to be scared to death of rabbits and I still don't really "like" them. I do, however, think your shoes are pretty cute!

  5. Those are the cutest flats! I've been wanting some kitty flats since they're one of my favorite animals. There are just too many things on my wishlist! Ahh! Also...sequined skirts are totally a weekend (or every day) thing in my book. :)

  6. Love that skirt! And the flats, and the corgi, and the sunglasses... ok, love everything!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OMG. you're gorgeous and i LOVE your bunny shoes!
    kw ladies in navy
    $50 anthropologie giveaway!

  8. My dog always chases bunnies, and deer. What an idiot x

  9. in crazy love with those bunny shoes.
    You made me smile today with these photos- thank you!

  10. You look so adorable (loving that skirt), and I love the flats from Le Bunny Bleu! And that first picture of you with your pup is the cutest!!

    xox Sammi

  11. We always have bunnies in our front yard and the dogs go NUTS for them. And of course the bunnies don't care.

  12. Your outfit is so pretty and delicate! Love all the little details!
    Sincerely, Sara

  13. My gosh, those flats are the most precious pair of shoes I've ever seen! How cute :)


  14. Sequined mini skirts to walk your dog? Oh Katherine, you are my dream girl! I've gotta love every little detail about this outfit... from the gold on the skirt to the gold bunnies dancing around your neck like that, you're accessorized to perfection!

    And um, those bunny flats, whaaat?! How cute are those?!

  15. teemo! so cute! he looks so happy when you hold him! :] I love this summer look - perfect for a night walk :]

  16. How heavy is your pup? He looks like he'd be too heavy for me to hold. (Or maybe I'm just a weakling.)

    7% Solution​

  17. Teemo looks adorable! And those shoes are super cute! :D

    xx Denysia Yu

  18. ha ha Teemo looks like he just did a triathlon.

    Those bunny shoes are adorable!


  19. I love this outfit and you holding Teemo!! So cute. It made me smile. There was a corgi running around on my private road the other day, and I stopped to find out if he had a name/address tag but I kept calling him Teemo. Is that creepy? Haha.

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

  20. oh gosh, i am just over here dying from your little bunny pieces. those flats and that necklace?! ah, the most perfect things. haha, your puppy is so cute! is he very heavy?

    lindsey louise


  21. Love that necklace!!!!

  22. The bunny flats are so so so so cute!

  23. Things that I love in this post: Your flats. Your earrings. The sequins on your skirt. Your mixy matchy skills with the tank top. Teemo. Your blog in general. I always love reading your blog! xx

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

  24. Your dog is just the cutest :) I've been loving those flats and am constantly tempted to buy them. What fun sequined details on the skirt!

  25. oh my gosh. that first pic of you and teemo - the best! we're having bunnies everywhere, too! my youngest pup is on the hunt, but her big brother could care less. do you often take them out separately? i've been thinking of doing some separate walks but am still in the process of bonding them, so not yet. xoxo

  26. I love the bunny shoes! I have them in black and white. How do you keep their little faces clean??

  27. Dang girl, you're rockin' that sequin skirt! I love how you styled it, definitely perfect for summer. And guess what? We are bunny flats twins! They're the cutest shoes ever, right?

    xo. Mandy

  28. Those have got to be the cutest flats ever! I love bunnies, but we had loads of them in our yard, which wasn't good for the garden. :) Have a lovely week! /Madison

  29. Your dogs are amazing and you too!! Yes!!

  30. those flats are really cute :) love teemo~~

  31. You two looks adorable! :)
    Your outfit is so nice, love it! Especially these lovely flats :)

  32. Aww Teemo. My dog used to lay on his side like that too.

    Anyway, your bunny flats are the best! I've been admiring those shoes for the longest time. They're adorable on you! I love your sequined skirt and how it's your weekend-wear too. I mean, sequins are especially appropriate for the weekend!

  33. Those are the cutest flats!

  34. There are loads of bunnies seen around here too! Hope the dogs calm down a bit over them! What a cool skirt!


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