Adopt-A-Pet Dog Infographics contacted me recently with an infographic about corgis, or rather, corgi mixes. I was intrigued, and decided I wanted to share the corgi infographic and compare my own corgi mix. I wrote my comments on these, but you can click on the images to view the original.

If you're looking for a pup, I highly suggest/urge/please you to adopt. I wouldn't trade Teemo for the world. You can go here for some tools on adopting a corgi or corgi mix!

And here's an image of the pups in their new home for you as well!



  1. lol that's cool to have a corgi owner's perspective
    love the pics of them especially the one with spiderman :)

  2. oh my <3 your dogs are the most adorable dogs i've ever seen :) seriously :)

  3. haha what an adorable info graphic! perfect that they contacted you and fun to combare their stats w/ Teemo. Such cute pics of your pups :)
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  4. Teemo under Spider-Man is so cute! I love the info graphic, especially since Casey is a corgi mix.

  5. Haha, that last picture is too cute. I love your little comments on the diagram--"laziest dog I've ever met" ha! It's funny how our pets have their own little quirks about them. :D

  6. Uau love the infographics, specially the part that says I do what I do because I'm unique. It's true :) Love Teemo under the spider man :)
    Sofia G

  7. Great, informative graphics! The photo of Teemo with Spider-man is too cute :)

    What Lola Wants

  8. teemo is the cutest! plus that infographic is super informative (and nice looking. :])

  9. Teemo has made me fall so in love with the corgi breed, my friend actually has 2 and one of them is super lazy too! So glad you wrote about adopting! My two are both rescue cases and I don't think I could ever buy from a breeder now knowing how many fantastic rescue dogs there are out there.

  10. Last pic is too precious.

  11. I know a couple people with Corgis and my husband would love them. They really are lovely dogs. I know my one friend has had issues with hers (needing a few vet visits, that is) but she is a sweet and beautiful black and white corgi.
    Loved reading through this! I wish I could adopt about 5 dogs, honestly.


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