Busy Little Bees

I think life finally caught up with me. Jason and I have been scurrying lately it feels, and while this isn't a bad thing, it certainly makes difficult for outfit photos (I actually didn't take outfit photos for the past TWO weekends, and only on Sunday this weekend.) This coming from a girl who usually has outfits scheduled awhile in advance, this is one of few times you will actually see an outfit only 2 days after I actually wore it. I love dressing up for errands on weekends - there is something about wearing a strapless dress while parading a giant shepard's hook around Lowe's that makes me immensely happy. I'm also really happy that the weather has been beautiful, sunny, and perfectly spring like. I'm still playing catch up though - my blog comment inbox is crazed (the most it has ever been) an I haven't checked some of my favorite blogs in weeks. Eek! Still, I don't think I'm a 'bad blogger', I'm just a normal person who gets caught up in the whirlwind too.


sweater :: j crew factory remixed
belt :: target remixed
native birds dress :: anthropologie (available on ebay) remixed
sandals :: charles by charles david remixed
tote :: shinzi katoh remixed
bracelet :: kate spade remixed
necklace :: rusty chain jewelry remixed


  1. I love that you dress up for running errands, it really does make it much more enjoyable!! I love this dress, such an adorable little bird print!! Perfect colour with that cardigan too :)

  2. I love those sandals! They look so comfy. And I love how your sweater brings out the turquoise/aqua in the dress.
    Sometimes I get stressed when I can't get around to taking outfit pictures because either the weather is preventing me or I have too much going on. Sometimes it feels like if you don't blog for a few days, it's the end of the world. I have to remind myself that it happens and that's just life! People get busy sometimes. No big deal!

  3. Absolutely! That is the double edged sword of great weather--lots of motivation to do lots of things, but so much fun gets done it leaves little time for "obligations" (my laundry is overflowing). I love your dress!

  4. oh my goodness, those shoes are just so adorable! I love the color of them so much - perfect with that dress!


  5. I just finished commenting that post haha and here : booom new post :)
    your dress is so so so wonderful, I wish I had same X


  6. That dress is sooo cute!

  7. Love your sandals! I hate because I'm so tall and I can't were them because everyone else looks like little ants. And that dress it's marvelous, perfect to the spring :)

    sofia G

  8. The bird dress is so darn cute on you! I love it and love the cardigan color too! xx Pip



  9. What a beautiful Anthropologie dress!!!! it is quite cute on you too!!

  10. I love being all dolled up and running errands, it makes them more fun somehow.

  11. I am super impressed you blog with your busy schedule. I need to learn from you. Also, you look adorable for errands. Hey, role model!

  12. Oh you are not a bad person! I need to catch up on my blogs as well... BUT you look adorable here, I love this dress! Congrats on your move. I cant wait to hear more about your new area! I hope they have all the good restaurants and such as before!

    Sara :)

  13. You look adorable, just lovely.

    I like what you wrote here. Happens to every blogger (and to all people) but that's okay and your words reaffirm that!

  14. So pretty!! I always schedule my outfit posts super far in advance too, which sometimes makes me feel like a fraud but maybe not. :) I love this little birdy dress! So cute!!

    xox Sammi

  15. totally know what you mean. Life has been going at a fast pace lately so it's tough to do the "little things" sometimes.
    Loving this cute dress on you. Especially with that tote!


  16. lovely outfit <3 cute birdies :) x


  17. I love the dress! I was just at the Rockvale Outlets and seriously dying over so many dresses with bird prints!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  18. Love this outfit and all the bright, pretty colors! I'm glad you're not stressing over not being on top of everything! That's hard to do at all times. <3

  19. aw, well that's totally understandable! at least you're busy- I just haven't been feeling like brushing my hair to take outfit pictures haha. my excuse isn't as solid as yours :/ and i LOVE this dress- you have the most quirky collection, i love it :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  20. Don't you worry lady, I've been insanely busy and I haven't had time to catch up with blogs either. Anyway, I noticed that your hair is darker! I think it looks really cute. And of course, I love the print of you dress <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  21. YAY I love that dress :) and your tote bag is awesome!
    don't worry you'll catch up with everything

  22. aww, i love the little tiny details on the tips of your nails! and what a pretty colour too. i also love your bird dress, i'm always a sucker for cute animal print clothing.

    little henry lee

  23. Love the dress so much, such a sweet print. Great colours in this outfit.

  24. i love the dress and the birds! so know about those whirlwinds!! hope you settle soon! and so glad to hear the weather's been beautiful there! i'm lovin it here too!

  25. Super cute! I always feel better when I dress up, even if it's just to run to the grocery store.

  26. Dude, I am totally feeling this whole "catch-up" game. During exam week, I was so so lazy with catching up with blogs and just let the posts pile up... now, I'm finally at my game! And I'm glad you are, too. :D Go us! *internet high five*

    This dress... oh gosh, it's so cuuuute! I love that all the birdies look so very different and have such different feathers and such. And how cute is your tiny gold bow cuff? You always have the most dainty accessories.

  27. I love the print of your dress and bag together! And your hair looks super dark. Love it.

  28. This is so so cute! I love the dress and the fun sweater, and the shoes go really well with it!

  29. I hear you! We have been the same way lately too. I feel so far behind in blog reading and even just talking photos - but yep, that's life! Again, you always knock it out of the park with your amazing prints Katherine! I love how that bag looks with your dress - such a perfect pairing! Now - get yourself some rest and plenty of time to slow down and take it easy :-) <3 Marisa

  30. We've all been there with being behind on blog duties! I'm very slowly trying to catch up with my favorite bloggers' posts from the past couple of weeks! It's hard to get caught up once you're behind too.
    Anyway, I love this dress! The print is so pretty and I think this blue cardigan looks gorgeous with it.


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