Up, Up, But Not Away

I swear, EVERY city in Pennsylvania is bigger than the one I reside in. Jason and I decided to visit Spring House taproom in order to try the Robot Surf Factory beer (pineapple pale ale) but I ended up not loving it it in the end. We ventured around the city, stumbled across my dream apartment, and now I'm stuck on the idea of moving, again. We used to move fairly often - about once a year - and I get a bit stir crazy in the same place for awhile. I never meant to stay in this apartment too long, and I'm surprised I'm here still. I'm ready to move somewhere new, but I am also unable to get the drive to pay more for rent or any sort of vehicle to move things in. Sometimes owning two sub-compact cars becomes an issue - but gotta love our citrus colored tiny vehicles in the city at the same time.

Spring House TaproomSpring House TaproomSpring House TaproomUp, Up, But Not AwayUp, Up, But Not AwayUp, Up, But Not Away

This dress is yet another adorable thing from Modcloth I just had to have. I saw it pop up on the site and fell in love. It's going to become a spring staple, I'm sure. The adorable colors, cut, and how incredibly happy I am whever I see the print just makes it a great piece.

Up, Up, But Not AwayUp, Up, But Not AwayUp, Up, But Not AwayUp, Up, But Not AwayUp, Up, But Not Away

coat :: rachel by rachel roy remixed
cardigan :: target remixed
martha's air of adorable dress :: modcloth
glitter flats :: steve madden (similar) remixed
purse :: botkier via nordstrom rack (similar)
necklace :: target remixed
ring :: kiel mead forget me knot remixed
sunnies :: ray ban remixed


  1. i adore your bag and pretty flats! i am allergic to pineapple so naturally this sounds horrifying to me ;) but i am glad you are brewery adventurers as well as we are! that's basically our hobby
    kw ladies in navy

  2. that dress is sweet. pineapple pale ale? not sure i'd be a fan either!

    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

  3. I'm exactly the same way! I hate being in one place for too long, and absolutely LOVE moving around, however when I moved to the States from Belgium I fell in love and married a guy who's stuck to California...he likes the idea of moving, but I don't think it's happening for us anytime soon, and we're about to celebrate our 10th anniversary :/ oh well, he's worth staying in one place for ;) That print is so cute, and the cut looks great on you!


  4. Your dress is really adorable! Can't wait to see it on your next post!

    xx Denysia Yu

  5. I love that print! I love when you wear something and it just makes you so happy that it puts you in a good mood all day! Also...lucky you not having to wear tights. :)

  6. Aw, such lovely photos! Look like a great time!

  7. I love love love this dress on you! :) I hear ya Jon and I have been in our place almost 2 years now. We would like someplace closer to downtown in our city but we are also very comfortable and have a large apartment all to ourselves, so no complaining here!

    Sara :)

  8. Uoh that dress it's so beautiful!

    I'm waiting to leave my master degree and have some job so I can move with my boyfriend... Then I can talk about what I don't like where we live :) For now it's just " I miss we need to live together"

    Sofia G

  9. I love that dress Katherine! I wish I had the urge to move around. I like being in the same place, maybe one day that will change!

  10. love the dress! sometimes i have the urge to move as well even though moving is getting to be a real pain in the butt. if i can't change the apartment then i end up changing and rearranging what's inside and that kind drives yangkyu nuts :)

  11. Just curious- where would you be interested in moving to?

    That dress has the most adorable pattern! How cute!

  12. This dress is seriously adorable, I really love the print!!! And the fact that it has pockets makes it even better.
    I really need to move, hopefully it'll be feasible sometime soon. This post is making me crave a beer like mad!

  13. The print on that dress is so freakin adorable!!

  14. I LOVE the hot air balloon print! So cute.


  15. Ohhh gosh that print is the cutest novelty print ever!!!! Pineapple flavoured beer sounds really funky :P

  16. Great photos, I love your dress!



  17. Aw, Katherine--I hope that you guys are able to find somewhere new you like to live! I'd be the complete opposite, kind of wanting to stay to the same place, but you seem like someone who always wants new adventures and places to go and sights to see. :) I can totally understand that. Good luck on your search. I'm sure you'll come across something!

    Also, tiny citrus cars... That was cute!

    That balloon dress looks like it fits you perfectly, and I just love the cut of it, especially the little slit near the top.

  18. The dress and bag are so so so beautiful! The print of the dress feels very romantic and looks super sweet! x

  19. That dress is so cute! It's crazy how different Lancaster seems from the last time I visited...PA is really growing all over and it is hard to believe how much I've missed since I moved away from it! :)

  20. I just love your pretty shoes, they're so fun!

  21. That dress is TOO CUTE! I love it so much! Also, my husband would love going to all these breweries you talk about. Oh, and we are visiting Ohio again in the summer. Maybe we can meet up?! We'll see! -Jessica L

  22. I've been waiting to see this dress! It's amazing and I was so jealous when I saw it on Instagram. Naturally, it looks like it was made for you. Also, this bag is gorgeous!

  23. Really cute outfit! I really like your accessories and those ballet flats just make me happy :)

    x Gi

  24. I love this dress- what a fun print! Wish I could do some shopping right now :) We've been living in our place for 5 years and every once in awhile I miss the days of yearly moves. It felt so good to always be getting rid of things and getting used to new floor plans!

  25. The dress is adorable! I can see why you makes you happy. What about hot air balloons doesn't make you want to smile!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  26. Oh my gosh!!! I love it! It fits you so well! The dress I got from EShaki is a hot air balloon pattern! It's my new favorite dress.

  27. Oh man this dress. I need it! The print is just adorable and the fit is wonderful too. It's seriously super flattering. I absolutely love the sparkly shoes you paired with it.

  28. I love love seeing the adventures you take in the outfits you wear- makes it all seem more real! Pineapple ale sounds intriguing indeed...sorry it ended up being a disappointment! And yeah, this has gotta be in my top 3 favorite dresses of yours! Such an adorable print!!

    perfectly priya


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