The Hunt

I forgot how much trying to find somewhere to live is an awful experience. Our first apartment was furnished and university affliated - which meant our neighbors were awful and ended up peeing on our door and verbally assaulting me whenever I walked down the hall. They also had a knife fight in the we got out of our lease but had to be out within a week. And buy a whole 1 bedroom's apartment worth of furniture in that time. That apartment ended up in Jason's vows, because I was smitten with the hardwood floors and adorable cut outs in the doorways to notice it might have been falling apart. Back when we bought our home, we visited countless places, made two offers on other homes that didn't end up closing, and had some really emotional experiences. The process was long, there were too many houses with black mold or creepy reindeer with all the antlers ripped off. Finding an apartment here in Pennsylvania was done in less than a day, and I needed one that was available right then at that exact moment - and accepted dogs and had a washer/dryer. It's always stressful, awkward, and a system of compromises. It seems so awesome hearing of people and their new places, but really, there's a lot of stress that comes before it. Plus - moving is terrible. Does anyone else feel this way? Or are we the only people who find the hunt to be unbearable?


Well, at least we were able to grab beers and an awesome dinner at Pour while searching!


blazer :: loft remixed
dress :: dear creatures remixed
belt :: modcloth remixed
third degree heels :: seychelles remixed
bag :: emma fox remixed
necklace :: crewcuts factory (similar)
rings :: modcloth & via grey colt remixed


  1. This is the reason I still live at home with my parents. Anything that's a good deal is really far from everything and is a shithole. I can't afford to be spending a grand a month on an apartment that's only half of what I need. And no where takes pets!!
    On a brighter note i love this look!! That dress is perfect and looks lovely with the blazer and I love the shade of your shoes/purse. Absolutely perfect.

  2. Trying to find a place to live is the worst experience ever. I once had to try to find an apartment with a super picky friend, it was awful. WE found the one I am living in now which nice. (She moved out about a year ago). I doesnt have fun update appliances or anything like that but it works. She wanted to keep on looking after she said she liked it. UG. So yes, the experience is horrible, especially when you are looking with someone who is not very compromising!

    Anyway LOVE your dress, and those rings!!!

    Sara :)

  3. I've always HATED apartment hunting. Especially in my town, where the only nice places are either senior living or low income. Everything else is basically horrid because I live in a college town and landlords don't bother with upkeep.

  4. Oh Gosh moving is the worst! Best of luck to you guys! I love that cute little sailor dress!

  5. your jewelry, omg, gorgeous! and i HATE HATE HATE looking for a place to live. it sucks, it's always rushed, you never notice the moisture-covered window sill until you move in etc... best of luck!
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  6. I still live at home, but I'm not really looking forward to apartment hunting. It seems so draining! But good luck with it! You look so lovely in that dress! It fits you wonderfully and all the pops of teal are great!

  7. That dress is magnificent. I have yet to look for an apartment, but now I'm scared. That is unfortunate that you had to go through all of that. I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to a happy post about the perfect home you eventually find! Xo

  8. I just hated apartment shopping or house shopping. Actually I think I hate shopping for almost anything except clothes! LOL

    We shopped for our house for months literally. I think it was almost 6 months. We were ready to give up when I picked up a paper one weekend and found the ad for the house we live in now. It was a total fluke, in an area we hadn't considered before. It was by far the best house we'd seen and we'd already gone through putting in offers with several other houses that for different reasons fell through. All I can say is that I'm glad they fell through because that meant we got the house we wound up in.

    Don't get discouraged. Something perfect will come along for you when you least expect it.


  9. Finding a new home seems SO stressful. I've yet to do it yet. I'm still at home with my parents. The whole process of it seems overwhelming, but I'm planning on trying to do it within the next year. I'm just trying to deal with getting a new car and paying for grad school first. Gahhh....oh life. By the the dress! ;) I wish I could have it in both colors. Navy is so classic.

  10. I love the nautical dress! I've never had to buy my own place, so I can't say, but I think it all really depends on how lucky you get.

    xx Denysia Yu

  11. Home hunting is stressful. No way around it, but I sure hope you find something you love.

    You look fabulous in that dress though.

  12. ugh amen sister, i HATE apartment hunting. me and marc are moving from chicago to seattle next month so we're not even able to see the apartments. we're just basing it off of pictures! but we're both really low maintenance (as you can tell from all the awful hostels we stayed in india, haha!) so i'm hoping that it should be fine. i can't believe there was a KNIFE FIGHT in your last building- what in the hell? what kind of college was this haha, good lord.

    and thanks for your awesome comments on my india posts! i wish we lived closer to each other because i'd totally take you up on that coffee! you can feel free to ask me anything, I'm still excited about the trip and am more than pleased to talk about it :) you should totally convince your husband to go to that one day chennai wedding- india is super stressful but so, so beautiful. like every day was literally an adventure. being at home now is sooo dreadfully boring, haha!

    xo Marlen
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  13. Wow, It sounds like you've had more than your fair share of housing hardships.
    Hunting for the "perfect" home is really hard. I guess you have to master the art of compromise. Is the pretty garden worth the scary neighbourhood? Is the small storage space worth the Natural light?
    We are currently in the middle of *hopefully* buying our first house! Its terrifying and exciting all rolled into one expensive package.
    Wishing you the very best of luck!

    PS i ADORE those shoes, and the sailor dress looks amazing on you x


  14. oh man i feel you! we must have moved 7 times in our 9 years in california. it freakin sucked!! we've been through neighbors from hell, disgusting food smells, and elephants that lived above us. hopefully the house we just got (but are waiting on the closing for), will be THE END of renting hell lol.

  15. Oh my gosh, apartment/house hunting is the most stressful thing ever! It is definitely a ton of time, research, and compromise. The Portland rental market is also really competitive, so when I was looking I felt like it was a race to be the first one there because several times I fell IN LOVE with a place only to find out I was the 3rd or 5th applicant on the list.

    And then the moving it's self is so stressful...ugh!

    Good luck!!!


  16. Geez, your apartment sounds like it was terrible! I've lived in college apartments before and they're usually gross, but it sounds like you had a particularly bad experience!
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll make whatever you find your own!


  17. Ugh ugh. We're searching for a home now and it's been terrible. We've seen way too many houses and we just got outbid on our first offer. Ah well. I really hope this process gets over soon because I just want my chalkboard wall! :) I am not looking forward to moving.. but I do look forward to finding new nooks and places and arrangements for things when we actually move! I love that part!

  18. I haven't had to look for an apartment but I think it would stress me out. I don't know every allergy medicine I'm allergic to so far, I know zyrtec makes me break out in hives.

  19. Agh I so agree with you. Your college apartment sounds like a horror story! Cute dress, it reminds me of a sailor :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  20. Ugh moving IS terrible! One of my least favorite things.

    The Occasional Indulgence

  21. Oh no - it's unbearable indeed! And so stress inducing! It was so hard finding a place in LA when we were moving from SF. We came for 1 weekend with my dad and looked at close to 35 apartments and there was always one major thing wrong with the place. The last place we looked at was absolutely perfect (except being a little above budget), and we ended up getting it. It was a long process and some fights along the way, but try and think about the light at the end of the tunnel - you will find a house that fits you guys. Being patient does have its perks :)

    Lady à la Mode

  22. MAYBE I'm alone here, but I absolutely love moving. Haha! I love looking at different houses (but I always start looking months in advance) and love even more moving into them. I like the whole aspect of moving: It's a workout, you get to rearrange everything and have fun finding your silverware for two weeks, and all houses have different energies. I love finding my favorite room in a house. Woah, went on a little rave there, but I seriously used to BEG my parents to move houses and was so jealous of other kids that complained about moving!

    Anyway, good luck on finding a place! When you get the perfect one, the stress will be worth it. <3

  23. Amazing dress, I have wanted a dress in this style for ages. love the shoes and the way it was accessoried. I can totally relate to you here. I moved house in December last year and it was so awful and stressful finding somewhere especially because it was the first time we rented and we had no rental references and the suburb I wanted to live in was highly competitive. fortunately it worked out in the end. but the whole process of actually moving was so much more difficult and time consuming than i ever estimated; I will never underestimate the gravity of the task again. I do wish you the very best.

  24. sweetie, please stop looking so lovely and beautiful ok?! because it's too much cutness over your photos ^_^
    all those stuff are to die for and your dress. well. A M A Z I N G

  25. Oh man, that does sound stressful! For now I'm just living in the University's dorms, and probably will all semester, but if I want to live around here after college for grab school I can only imagine how treacherous the search will be... finding somewhere quiet, reasonably priced, AND near school? Sounds kind of difficult. And I know that lots of places are pretty messed up, because well, it is a college town.

    But I really do hope that what you settled on is excellent--especially on such short notice, my my! I'm sure you'll settle in just fine. Best of luck, dearest!

  26. Oh! I like your matching green bag and heels =D From you Instagram pictures, I think you've found a home? =)

    Talking about moving and finding a new home gives me a headache. What more, buying a home! For me and my bf, we've moved like 3 times for the last 4 years or so. Though, I must say we had had very good owners and for that, we have 1 less thing to deal with. I'm more of the "feel-good" type whereas my bf is more on the logical side. So we had quite a bit of an emotional turmoil when we were choosing a place. So he will come up with this Pros vs Cons List! LOL!

  27. You are right, it's very stressful! Cody and I have moved 9 times together! It's crazy. We looked at many houses in the past. Our last house had black mold in it. We repaired it all but man it was a lot of work! I wish you much luck! I'm sure you earned that beer!! Haha. Have a great weekend.

  28. I just never get tired of this dress, I feel like it will always be on my wishlist. I love it with these blue shoes and the teal bag! You always make everything look so effortless.

  29. love the outfit the shoes are adorable! and the bag and jewelry are great :)
    I agree looking for house hunting and moving are the worst, hope you find a place easily that has a great yard for the dogs :)


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