Photo Tip :: Outfit Photos Part Two

At the beginning of the month, I shared with you the preliminary outfit photos post here. This is the second follow up to it, and usually my step by step for when I go out and take photos. Ask any other questions you might have!

Frame the Shot
First, set your camera up. Stand behind the camera, look through the viewfinder, and figure out visually where you will need to stand to be in frame. Set the camera to a single focus point - usually the center one - and not automatic. Ensure that the camera is set to automatic timer or remote in the drive mode. If you have two options for the timer and a remote - like 2 second auto timer or 10 second - it doesn't matter which you choose. If you are setting the self timer and running, 10 seconds is always better.

Set Up Your Remote If You Have One
Depress the shutter button on your camera. Standing near your camera, point the remote at the camera and make sure you have it set to the correct drive mode and the remote is working. If you have the option like my remote to switch between one and second seconds between the shutter, try two seconds. This gives you enough time to hide the remote.

Work on Poses
After awhile, you will get your 'angles' down so to speak. If I leave my mouth open at all like those models do, I look like a brainless zombie. This will take time, but play around with positions you feel comfortable in. I want to say don't force it, but you'll have to force it a bit at first. It's an acquired taste.

Aperture Priority Mode
Trying to shoot these on manual is really rough - so set your camera to aperture priority with a small aperture (try below f/4) to get bokeh and freeze as much movement as possible.

Take Multiple Photos
For each set up I do, I take probably 20+ shots. This way, if my eyes are closed or I am at a funny angle, I'm not relying on one shot. Twirl, dance, move. Pause before you hear the shutter go if possible. I count 1, 2 then pause.

Make a (Mental) Checklist
I take note of each item I am wearing, and as I take the shots, check things off. Usually, my checklist goes something like :
-Full body, front
-Second option full body, front
-Full body with coat or sweater off, front
-Full body, back or side
-Shoe detail
-Bag Detail
-Nail Detail / Ring Detail
-Necklace Detail
-Other Jewelry Detail
-Head Shot
-Other Details, Dog Shots
I try and ensure I get enough to have a variety of shots. I also move around the park or location I am at, so that my full body shots aren't in the exact same spot. This is personal preference.

Avoid People
Try and find a secluded area if you are somewhere really crowded. Try not to set up right in the middle of a busy walkway, or if you do, set your camera off to the side and shoot towards the middle. When someone comes by, move out of the way for them to walk or bike past. In parks, be aware of your surroundings - the last thing you want is a child or biker knocking over your camera, right?

Just Laugh!

Whatever, Whatever, I Do What I Want
When in doubt, be Eric Cartman. Laugh at yourself. Something awkward is going to happen. Someone is going to insist on taking a photo for you at Disney because you're forcing your husband to take outfit photos in front of Splash Mountain. Someone is going to stare at you. A waiter is going to giggle as you snap photos of yourself sipping a cocktail. You will drop your camera on the ground as your dog topples the tripod over. Things are going to happen - go right, wrong, awkard, and everything in between. Don't be nervous! Shrug it off - at least you'll get a good photo out of it!


  1. Isn't it a fast shutter speed to freeze motion though? Just pointing that out. :) Haha, this is a great tutorial though, thank you so much for posting it!

    1. I think you meant small aperture instead of slow shutter speed.

    2. Yes! Yes that's what I meant. Sometimes it's hard to write all this and catch things!

  2. a really useful post :) I will keep the mental checklist in mind!! xx

  3. Great tips! Thank you. I never take pictures of myself because it's too annoying to try and figure out where to stand and get the right look color, etc., hehhe. I need to try these tips out!

  4. Ok, these are super helpful tips! I'm lucky enough to have someone to take my photos, but I've been wanting to use a tripod for a while. Getting a remote will definitely be handy. Thanks for these!

  5. I need to get a remote for my camera, so I can take pictures by myself.

    xx Denysia Yu

  6. Thank you so much for the advice!! I have a tripod but I'm always too self-conscious to take pictures of myself outside, and they never turn out very well. I need to practice more!!


  7. oh geeze i dont even know how to set up the aperture and shutter speeds in my camera but actually I dont think mine is nice enough to have those settings... I like your tips on remembering the diff items w/ angles and such and keep meaning to pull out the tripod and remote I ordered a few months ago so I'll def be coming back to this- thanks girl! oh and you look adorable in that last shot & in this outfit!

  8. I go through a mental list too! We always like to also include some location shots. Great tips, Katherine.

  9. These are great tips!! I like your checklist of things to take a picture of! I do that too!

  10. What great advice! Thank you for sharing.

  11. this is great thanks! I need to look into getting a remote :)

  12. This is really helpful and just what I need right now. My husband takes my photos but I really want to get a tripod so I can blog more often while he is at work.

  13. Great advise! I always laugh at myself when I take my photos. Those are usually the best shots. :) I will be trying out some of your tips. Thanks!

  14. This is great! My boyfriend usually takes my outfit photos, but as we live a few hours away from each other, I'd like to not have to limit myself to weekends! I used to take them myself, but I was confining myself to my front yard, out of fear. No more! I'm gonna pack up my tripod and go find me a nice photo location!! Once it stops raining, that is! Thanks for the 2 part series on taking your own photos :)


  15. "Avoid people" lol lol you don't have to tell me that twice! ;) Haha, but that really is a worry--I'm always afraid someone is going to knock something over! I usually find some nicely deserted locations. Or, you know, my yard. Yards are good for pictures.

    I really want to practice going to public locations with my tripod to take pictures this summer so I can survive in the real world and not always depend on my momma for pictures, so this was really helpful. :)

    Great guide, Katherine!

  16. i am constantly leaving my mouth open and looking dumb!
    kw Ladies in Navy Target giveaway!

  17. I love that you take your own photos, especially since I know how hard and time-consuming it can be! You do a great job, and I loved hearing your tips :)

  18. These are great tips, thank you! I'm still figuring out my (boyfriend's) camera and have been trying to find all of these things!

    xox Sammi

  19. I love your tips.

    I need to get a better lens for camera because I find that I can't get a small aperture on it.



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