One Rewards Pet Treats

A bit ago, One Rewards Treats sent me a few bags of their pet treat samples. I had requested these over any other treats I had ever seen and passed on. You see, I've mentioned it before, but Raynor might be allergic to the world. Grass, wheat, birch trees - you name it. Dust. Seriously. It's hard to find dog treats that she seems to enjoy that are also a-okay for her to eat. I'm amazed to find so many popular pet treats full of grains and things she can't eat - no greenies for my dogs! So when I was approached about one ingredient dog treats, it sparked my interest.

One thing I like about these is that they are small. Basically just cubes of dehydrated meat, they smell enough to get a dog's attention and would be great for training. Both of my dogs became suddenly very obedient when I pulled a few out of the bag, each diving into their own array of 'tricks I know.' Which looks like a messed up circus since Teemo's default is beg and Raynor's default is turning in a circle.

The packaging suggests I top their kibble off with some One Rewards for an extra treat. There is a guideline on the back of the package for how many bits per weight a dog can have a day - which is actually quite a bit! I used that as a guideline, minus what I had already fed them, and added to their other foods. Raynor was quite happy - her Nulo kibble also gets topped with Missing Link and a bit of olive oil to strengthen her nails. Teemo was like a kid pulling the marshmellows out of Lucky Charms. That overbite works wonders for getting the good stuff out first.


Overall, I'm really happy with these treats. I've gotten an array of treats that Raynor will downright ignore and sit unused in the treat bin for a year until I realize she hates them. We went through the first bag of these in about 2 weeks - record for us! I keep them by our apartment door and use them to get the pups to sit before we go outside so I can get their leads on in a more orderly manner! If you are interested you can visit their website for more information.

This post was written on behalf of One Rewards. While I received product in exchange for writing this post, the opinions and ideas expressed are my own - and my dogs for this matter. For more information - read the disclosure of this blog


  1. aww cute dogs!!


  2. Your dogs are adorable! Glad this type of treat worked out well for them!

  3. Love your pups, so cute! :)
    I think Mia has allergies too, though I haven't gotten her tested yet.
    I did try Rachel Ray's Zero Grain (has no grain, gluten, poultry by product) and seems to be helping with her skin and fur issue.

  4. Cute pictures, as always! Casey's been on a special diet for a few months, so I've been trying out different brands of one-ingredient treats. I'll have to look for these!

  5. Oh... always looking for new goodies for the pups!

  6. Oh, one ingredient, that's so wonderful! We're always looking for healthy little options for my pup--things that aren't filled with a bunch of crap and are made from only natural ingredients. So these would definitely be something he might enjoy (he's not a picky eater... he totally eats rocks and butterflies and stuff). I'm glad your dogs liked 'em!

  7. Your dogs are so cute!! I would have loved to see their little circus, haha. :)


  8. Beautiful dogs! You are so lucky! I wish I could have one and take care of it like a son/daughter. :D Lovely shots as well x

    Fashion Landscape

  9. I have never had a dog so I'm not sure what dogs eat :x

  10. your dogs are adorable and they look so excited about the treats!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  11. surely amazing, I really like those sweet dogs :))
    keep reading xx

  12. Love their face expressions! Piri has the same when he sees a treat in my hands! Piri also has bouts with allergies - itchy paws, hot spots, etc. Vet thinks it's definitely diet related as well. We cut out beef from his diet and strictly chicken!


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