Weekends in Cincinnati are seemingly harder when we have to pack up both dogs and both people. I'm beginning to finally realize how impractical the 7 hour or so drive is to do on a Friday and Sunday. But the Saturday we get to spend in town is always amazing - we eat yummy food, see our friends and family, and inevitably go shopping somewhere fun. This time it was an Ikea trip. The dogs love it in Cincinnati too - they enjoy midday naps with my dad and running around my parents back yard.

Grippos Mac and Cheese Incline Public HouseGrilled Cheese Incline Public HouseBecki & Katherine

We tried a new place, as I try to do when I am home, called the Incline Public House. It's really interesting as it is set atop a large hill where the incline (used to transport goods from the river up) used to exist. It has the most amazing view of our city ever - and I felt wonderful sipping a local beer while watching the sun set over the city. If you are curious, my review is on Yelp.

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Like the skyline themed nails? Check out my tutorial on Delightfully Tacky!

Beer and a Corgi WatchFirefly DressCamera NecklaceFireflies Over CincinnatiJapp'sFireflies Over Cincinnati

sweater :: target (similarremixed
kindling dress :: book of deer (also available at modcloth) remixed
belt :: modcloth remixed
shoes :: target remixed
sunnies :: ray ban clubmasters remixed
rings :: kiel mead forget me knot & modcloth remixed
necklace :: ornamental things remixed
teemo time watch :: instawatch.me (custom)
bag :: cambridge satchel via modcloth remixed

At the beginning of the month, I shared with you the preliminary outfit photos post here. This is the second follow up to it, and usually my step by step for when I go out and take photos. Ask any other questions you might have!

A bit ago, One Rewards Treats sent me a few bags of their pet treat samples. I had requested these over any other treats I had ever seen and passed on. You see, I've mentioned it before, but Raynor might be allergic to the world. Grass, wheat, birch trees - you name it. Dust. Seriously. It's hard to find dog treats that she seems to enjoy that are also a-okay for her to eat. I'm amazed to find so many popular pet treats full of grains and things she can't eat - no greenies for my dogs! So when I was approached about one ingredient dog treats, it sparked my interest.

One thing I like about these is that they are small. Basically just cubes of dehydrated meat, they smell enough to get a dog's attention and would be great for training. Both of my dogs became suddenly very obedient when I pulled a few out of the bag, each diving into their own array of 'tricks I know.' Which looks like a messed up circus since Teemo's default is beg and Raynor's default is turning in a circle.

The packaging suggests I top their kibble off with some One Rewards for an extra treat. There is a guideline on the back of the package for how many bits per weight a dog can have a day - which is actually quite a bit! I used that as a guideline, minus what I had already fed them, and added to their other foods. Raynor was quite happy - her Nulo kibble also gets topped with Missing Link and a bit of olive oil to strengthen her nails. Teemo was like a kid pulling the marshmellows out of Lucky Charms. That overbite works wonders for getting the good stuff out first.


Overall, I'm really happy with these treats. I've gotten an array of treats that Raynor will downright ignore and sit unused in the treat bin for a year until I realize she hates them. We went through the first bag of these in about 2 weeks - record for us! I keep them by our apartment door and use them to get the pups to sit before we go outside so I can get their leads on in a more orderly manner! If you are interested you can visit their website for more information.

This post was written on behalf of One Rewards. While I received product in exchange for writing this post, the opinions and ideas expressed are my own - and my dogs for this matter. For more information - read the disclosure of this blog
I forgot how much trying to find somewhere to live is an awful experience. Our first apartment was furnished and university affliated - which meant our neighbors were awful and ended up peeing on our door and verbally assaulting me whenever I walked down the hall. They also had a knife fight in the hall...so we got out of our lease but had to be out within a week. And buy a whole 1 bedroom's apartment worth of furniture in that time. That apartment ended up in Jason's vows, because I was smitten with the hardwood floors and adorable cut outs in the doorways to notice it might have been falling apart. Back when we bought our home, we visited countless places, made two offers on other homes that didn't end up closing, and had some really emotional experiences. The process was long, there were too many houses with black mold or creepy reindeer with all the antlers ripped off. Finding an apartment here in Pennsylvania was done in less than a day, and I needed one that was available right then at that exact moment - and accepted dogs and had a washer/dryer. It's always stressful, awkward, and a system of compromises. It seems so awesome hearing of people and their new places, but really, there's a lot of stress that comes before it. Plus - moving is terrible. Does anyone else feel this way? Or are we the only people who find the hunt to be unbearable?


Well, at least we were able to grab beers and an awesome dinner at Pour while searching!


blazer :: loft remixed
dress :: dear creatures remixed
belt :: modcloth remixed
third degree heels :: seychelles remixed
bag :: emma fox remixed
necklace :: crewcuts factory (similar)
rings :: modcloth & via grey colt remixed
I quite love taking photos in the capital area because on weekends, it's pretty desolate. It's almost like a ghost town, at times it is eery, but the regalness of the building paired with the fact no one is around makes setting a tripod up and climbing on random structures less of a public ordeal.


sweater :: loft remixed
melora dress :: anthropologie (find on ebayremixed
black sash belt : modcloth
apology accepted heels :: seychelles
ring :: via grey colt remixed
bag :: foley + corinna remixed
necklace :: via noto remixed

Jason and I spent one of our weekends perusing the suburbs of Philadelphia, diving into another grilled cheese tour stop (it's been awhile!) and enjoying some Sly Fox beer. Our grilled cheese tour stop was in a different neighborhood a little closer to Philly at a place called Melt Down Grilled Cheese. The most exciting thing was their weird soda fountain that carried cane sugar sodas. Below is the huckleberry soda which was amazing. Overall, the food was nothing to tell you much about (you can read the Yelp review though) - other than that sharp cheddar, apple, honey, and red onion are a great grilled cheese idea, but I think I can execute it much better. Anyone interested in a recipe?


After awhile of driving around haphazardly, we decided to sit back down, enjoy a beer and some pretzels, and recoop before exploring a bit of Phoenixville more. Sly Fox might be my favorite brewery now, if only because it has foxes. The beer is good too.


I kind of loved this outfit - the cardigan is my new favorite thing! And my Kate Spade x Keds are my first foray into gingham - and I gotta say I love it. I wanted to have a picnic shoot in this park with them! (But we had no picnic materials....)


cardigan :: louche via modcloth
blouse :: loft remixed
skirt :: loft remixed
keds :: kate spade x keds remixed
headband :: anthropologie remixed
fox satchel :: ebay remixed
sunnies :: ray ban remixed
necklace :: fossil (similarremixed
ring :: sanrio remixed

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