The Deep, Beautiful Melancholy

Each time I visit Cincinnati, I begin to realize that this place I call home really isn't anymore. I have to use my GPS to get to the west side, the construction in the town squares that seemed to go on whenever we moved to a new town is all complete, and I can't remember where I should be going to eat. It's tough because I feel like an outsider where ever I go these days, and quite honestly, it's a bit lonely. When coupled with the fact I'm still the weird Ohioan in dresses here in Pennsylvania with the tiny funky colored cars, well, it's strange. The fact that I'm writing these words is quite strange actually, it's something I usually reserve for my self to think about in the car.

Mariemont SquareMariemont Inn Sign RingMariemont Square Fountain

I love coming back and visiting Mariemont, missing desperately living in my own home and in an area where these beautiful things were walking distance. Now, I personally find 8 hour drives to be my happy place. I've always looked at the scene in Elizabethtown where Claire tells Drew to drive across the country (PS, if you haven't watched that movie by now, I highly suggest you do) and 'get into the deep beautiful melancholy of everything that's happened' to be the perfect description of why road trips are so peaceful to me. There's something cleansing about allowing your mind to wander freely with little distraction, beautiful scenery, and good music for a few hours to clear it all up.

Eyeglasses Scarf DetailMariemont Sign / Amber Champion DressOutfit In Underpass of Mariemont InnFossil BootiesAmber Champion Dress

This is one of my favorite travel dresses. Knit dresses are a must - as are scarves - especially in the winter with snow in the mountains.

Telephone Booth / Red Coat
chelsea coat :: dear creatures via modcloth remixed
cardigan :: frenchi via nordstrom (similarremixed
amber champion dress :: modcloth remixed
tights :: target remixed
booties :: fossil (similarremixed
scarf :: gap outlet
bag :: handmade remixed
bracelet :: vintage remixed

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  1. What a neat texture to the fabric of your (gorgeous) yellow dress. Also loving those shoes with it.

    Totally agreeing about Road Trip by the way.

  2. Oh my goodness, Katherine, everything you've written here resonated with me so much... I feel like ever since I started college, my home is the town around my college--people know me there, whether it be in general or at a restaurant or something, and it just feels "right." And then I come home and it's like a flurry of strangers surrounding me. Unfamiliar faces and such, even when I don't know that many faces in my college town, either! It's strange. And the drive there and back is comforting indeed--you, yourself, and a couple good CDs, am I right? :)

    Hehe, I sound so dreamy! I adore that coat so so much. It reminds me of the American Revolution. Yes, the whole American Revolution, just condensed into one superb coat. It pops so well against the yellow, too!

  3. Elizabethtown is such a good movie. I like when she says that some songs need air, because it's true. And what you described is why I love to drive. You can just zone out and let your mind wander. I probably do my best thinking when I'm driving. I love listening to the music and wandering down roads and how mechanical driving is. It really is soothing and peaceful.

  4. cute shoes! :) and i love what you've written. that's kind how i feel about my hometown, i never ever go back... for that reason and others
    kw ladies in navy

  5. I'm visiting "home" 4 hours away next weekend and it's such a strange feeling going back to a place that used to be your whole world and is now planning, packing, and hours away.

    lauren||in between idols

  6. I feel like that sometimes when I visit my grandparent's city in Wyoming. I grew up there a lot and now when I go back, everything is gone/different and it is kind of sad. I do, however, love your pretty yellow dress!

  7. I really dislike when places change too much, I don't like going back to the place I grew up in Holland for that reason. That is one thing I really like about Italy, nothing or not much changes, everything gets the chance to just grow old, and ancient.
    Ps just started posting again on Instagram, follewed you, instabuddies?

  8. I'm pretty sure I need those shoes RIGHT NOW on my feet. I have almost no cute shoes, let alone booties/wedges and once I start working when I'm done with this semester, it's going to be hard to not spend all of my paychecks on cute shoes.

  9. Mariemont looks awesome! Im like you an d love knit dresses. They hold their shape and are so comfy! Yours is cute Katherine

  10. Hi there! I have ventured over from another blog where I saw your button. I'm enjoying this little peek into your world! Just lovely!

    I’m hosting a super duper group giveaway, on my blog. Don’t miss out! And if you’d like to be a co-host on my next giveaway, I would be honored!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  11. I love that last picture! And all of 'em... but seriously, could you be any cuter?

    The Occasional Indulgence

  12. I love the happy yellow of your dress!


  13. It took me so long to feel at home in the town I live in but now? I can't imagine living anywhere else.

    Love your dress and scarf!

  14. Oh my goodness I COMPLETELY agree with you about road trips! I've always enjoyed driving long distances and just being alone with my thoughts and beautiful music. It's just so calming. I love it!
    And you are adorable! I love everything about this outfit, first I noticed the darling shoes, then the gorgeous coat, then the cute funky glasses scarf and then the pretty yellow dress! Love it all!

  15. I love Cincy. I got my masters as Miami of Ohio, so I was always over there to escape campus.

    Every time I go home something has changed. Something has been knocked down. Something new has been built.

    At least you can always rely on your great fashion. :)

  16. Just when I was craving a yellow dress! This one is so pretty. I like road trips too, there nothing better than singing along to your favorite songs at the top of you lungs!

  17. love the print on your scarf! and believe me, I understand visiting somewhere that "isn't home anymore." my hometown feels like that and it's just strange. don't know how to feel...

  18. aww - i think i feel that way when i back and visit jersey. it has such a fondness to me but sometimes it doesn't seem like home. i don't know where to call home anymore sometimes! don't feel lonely! you're making everyone feel bold and happy with your lovely outfits, cars and smashing personality! i bet your lighting up PA! :)

  19. I'm totally in love with your beautiful dress & you always pick such interesting places to taking photos- awesome <3

  20. Love this dress on you, so adorable. AND I here you, I am starting to feel like that in my hometown.

    Sara :)

  21. great photos - i love your dress! your photos are always so lovely too!

  22. You look so adorable in this outfit. Love the color of your dress with that cardi. And your scarf is just too cute with the glasses pattern.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  23. Beautiful dress! I agree about the road trips - what a great way to find your center.

  24. Your dress and cardigan are Gryffindor colors! I love it! You look so adorable and I'm in love with your red jacket.

  25. I can totally relate to the cleansing affects of driving and roadtrips. I wish I did it more, I love that "vagabond" feeling, just setting out on the high sun and heading towards a new adventure with all the thoughts rolling through my head...your little trip looks like a lot of fun and I am in LOVE with your coat, it is absolutely adorable and you look adorable in it!


  26. ahhh wow I used to live near mariemont! they were our high school rivals

    1. Wait what?! Where did you go to high school?

  27. I love love love your shoes! You look wonderful, as always :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  28. So glad you referenced Elizabethtown. Such a perfect movie. And I felt like that about the last time I visited home - it wasn't really "home" anymore, but it still was. It still is. That's always a strange feeling to take in.

  29. Your coat is so cute! I need some more knit dresses, although I love to layer thin ones!

    Hey, I found some cute corgi stuff you might like ;)


  30. I have a dress almost identical to that in burgundy and a cardi similar to that in yellow Haha, we have almost matching outfits in opposite colours!

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