I took a day off work to relax and hang out in Ohio with Jason. We slept in a bit, saw some friends and family, but mostly spent our day taking photos, visiting little shops, and buying ourselves all the yummy things. We grabbed a hot chocolate at Hattie's, ate a weird lunch/dinner at 3pm at Flipside, then stopped to grab Jeni's at Heinen's.

FlipSide HudsonJason at FlipSideIced Tea at FlipSideFlipSide Burger&...

You'll notice a lot of stuff going on from August Wrinkle here. That's because they are adorable, but also for a little preview of something awesome to come! Not as many full body shots this time for a reason, but plenty of food and area photos!

Seychelles Clue Bootie & Sass & Peril ToteEntrywayCoffee Shop GirlCoffee Cup Detail at Hattie'sHudson Streetscape

sweater :: c/o august wrinkle
dress :: c/o august wrinkle remixed
belt :: forever 21 remixed
clue booties :: seychelles remixed
earrings :: c/o august wrinkle
rings :: kiel mead forget me knot & c/o august wrinkle remixed
ohio necklace :: rusty chain jewelry remixed

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Here's two things on cameras most never touch, leaving it on the auto setting and letting it live in the shadows of your camera's functionality. These are things available on point and shoot cameras too, by the way, and can effect even your quick shots. This is how I can try and explain it to you and why it matters and when and if you should mess with it.

Each time I visit Cincinnati, I begin to realize that this place I call home really isn't anymore. I have to use my GPS to get to the west side, the construction in the town squares that seemed to go on whenever we moved to a new town is all complete, and I can't remember where I should be going to eat. It's tough because I feel like an outsider where ever I go these days, and quite honestly, it's a bit lonely. When coupled with the fact I'm still the weird Ohioan in dresses here in Pennsylvania with the tiny funky colored cars, well, it's strange. The fact that I'm writing these words is quite strange actually, it's something I usually reserve for my self to think about in the car.

Mariemont SquareMariemont Inn Sign RingMariemont Square Fountain

I love coming back and visiting Mariemont, missing desperately living in my own home and in an area where these beautiful things were walking distance. Now, I personally find 8 hour drives to be my happy place. I've always looked at the scene in Elizabethtown where Claire tells Drew to drive across the country (PS, if you haven't watched that movie by now, I highly suggest you do) and 'get into the deep beautiful melancholy of everything that's happened' to be the perfect description of why road trips are so peaceful to me. There's something cleansing about allowing your mind to wander freely with little distraction, beautiful scenery, and good music for a few hours to clear it all up.

Eyeglasses Scarf DetailMariemont Sign / Amber Champion DressOutfit In Underpass of Mariemont InnFossil BootiesAmber Champion Dress

This is one of my favorite travel dresses. Knit dresses are a must - as are scarves - especially in the winter with snow in the mountains.

Telephone Booth / Red Coat
chelsea coat :: dear creatures via modcloth remixed
cardigan :: frenchi via nordstrom (similarremixed
amber champion dress :: modcloth remixed
tights :: target remixed
booties :: fossil (similarremixed
scarf :: gap outlet
bag :: handmade remixed
bracelet :: vintage remixed

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Back when I first got Raynor, I wanted to have matching puppy mamma/daughter things. I was really into this, and my mom bought us a matching tee and hoodie set from Toru Dog back in 2009 for Christmas, the first year I had Raynor. I open the package, and realize that I had drastically misunderstood the concept of a large, and voila, the littlest large ever that didn't even fit over Raynor's head back when she weighed just at 40 pounds. I stuck it in a jar (I kept dog things in a beverage jar back in Cincinnati for who knows what reason) and waited for my future corgi.


Fast forward a year and a half, and enter Teemo. When I got Teemo, he was only 21 pounds, and this sweatshirt was a perfect little fit on him. Like Cinderella's glass slipper, only you know, a purple sweatshirt on a male dog. I wanted to show us in matching purple - two peas in a pod - only he'd definietly gained 10 pounds and it might be a little tight. He definitely looks a little chunky in these photos. But it's okay, it's what makes him amazing.


denim jacket :: target remixed
tee & teemo's hoodie :: toru dog
skirt :: buttons via francesca's collections (similarremixed
sneakers :: keds remixed
necklace :: pretty pany remixed
ring :: c/o oasap remixed

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It's spring 'officially', everyone is wearing pastel outfits, and here I am, in a snow flurry. I think that Akron is actually a snow globe. I swear, everytime I visit this town in the winter it's a snowy wonderland. And everyone can drive fine in it. We had a day to spend with friends in Akron since our dogs' kennel didn't open until 4pm.  We spent the afternoon at Mr. Zub's with friends, a cute place in probably one of the cutest places in Akron, Highland Square.

Mr Zub'sCeline Bow ShoesSpreading Cheer in the SnowUnder the Marquee

This dress is courtesy of August Wrinkle, an adorable online boutique I've kind of been obsessing over lately. It's small - run primarily by Janalyn, who is incredibly sweet - and it's a wonderful family owned and run business. Plus, the prices are actually affordable. When this arrived, I fell in love and packed it for our trip immediately. It's got a bit of wool blended in, so it's warm enough when layered for winter. Still, I'll say prancing around in a strapless dress in the middle of snow flurries is an adventure. It's no wonder I was sick for like 2 weeks straight. It's worth it though.

Spreading Cheer in the SnowSpreading Cheer Dress Detail!Kokeshi Doll NecklaceTangram Corgi & Okinawa PurseSpreading Cheer
coat :: forever 21 remixed
sweater :: target (similarremixed
spreading the cheer dress :: c/o august wrinkle
tights :: anna sui
shoes :: sole society remixed
okinawa bag :: valhalla brooklyn remixed
necklace :: forever 21
headband :: free people remixed

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Neato Mojito

The mojito is one of my all time favorite drinks, especially when done right. Coming home from Vegas, I was craving a good one, with fresh squeezed lime. I watched carefully as the woman at one of the bars crafted a delicious one for me, remembering her ingredients and technique to be able to create my own. This is a perfect spring/summer drink and a pretty one too!

Neato Mojito
I much prefer weekdays in Vegas, to start this off. I like small crowds and empty places. Friday was so much more crowded than Thursdays - it's crazy really the difference. We were able to walk around the hotels a bit more on Friday since my conference ended early, and we had a whole evening to waste. We wandered from our hotel, the Luxor, down to the Venetian and back, stopping along the way for drinks, stops in shops, and photos. Jason and I enjoyed ourselves a ton, stopping in at some great places, and ending the evening at the Cosmopolitan, where I had a delicious cider and bourbon drink then the most amazing pasta and pizza ever at D.O.C.G. I ate more foods with black truffles (with 3 of our 5 meals in Vegas) over those two days than I ever had before. We love them. It's becoming a problem, guys.

Gold Glitter LoafersThe Staircase at the AriaSwirly Tube!The VenetianBellagioThat's a giant bunny statuePretzels!Grichebactom at Todd English PUB

I'd like to say I don't fit in in Vegas, but honestly, no one really does. I have this image in my head that all the girls will be in high heels and tiny dresses (and indeed, the later it gets, the more there are), but in reality, there are tons of people with a variety of styles and backgrounds. Still, I thought the gold in this dress was the right amount of glitz to come along to Vegas with me. These shoes though. Ugh! I will have blisters forever from forgetting to bring my Keds!

Rhumbar Strawberry CapirinhaPopcorn and a Cat RingOh Hai.Sitting Pretty at the Venetian

jacket :: loft remixed
skies of ore dress :: anthorpologie remixed
tights :: target remixed
glitter loafers :: target remixed
necklace :: c/o turtle love co
okinawa bag : valhalla brooklyn remixed
ring :: c/o oasap
bracelet :: vintage

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