Photo Tip :: Posing Dogs For Photos

-101 : corgi reception

My dogs pose, fairly well at that. Here's a few little tips on getting dogs to pose well, especially when in costume.

-160 : how to teach an old dog new tricks

Have a treat ready
I mean this. If you want something to turn out good, have a yummy treat in your hand. Or a toy - some dogs enjoy toys more. Teemo likes treats, Raynor likes pettings.

-159 : say what????

Give commands
Sit & stay work well, but sometimes I have Teemo beg as well. (Also, long haired me is weird to see)


Minimize distractions
This gets hard in parks! I usually don't have treats with me either. A lot of this is training, but when possible and starting out, try photographing your pups in your own home or yard. Early photos of Raynor were blurry as she would not sit still, ever.

christmas corgi

Don't leave the costume on
I don't usually walk Teemo or Raynor in their outfits - sometimes coats are fine because Raynor actually gets cold and kind of needs one, but hats or scarves drag too easily. I typically carry their outfits/costumes until we start taking photos so that Teemo doesn't trip over his tie (which yes, he has done.)

-338 : how does he do it?

Don't force it
If my dogs take the costume off more than once, I'm done. If they really don't want to wear it, chances are it's uncomfortable and not fun for them. Coats and jackets they rarely try to get off unless they start playing, but there are some things that never make it to the Internet because they don't love them. Some dogs hate costumes, mine seem to bear it for a treat, and in the case of coats, actually seem to like it. This favorite photo of Raynor I have is actually a fail, she was licking the glasses off and I managed to catch the photo on my second try before giving up because she really hated it. She will let me wrap her in Christmas lights and put a guinea pig on her happily though.


  1. this is awesome! too bad this doesn't work as well on cats
    kw ladies in navy

  2. Hey, I actually like you with long hair! You look so feminine =D
    Oh, and I love your cutie with sunnies too! LOL!

  3. awwww puppies! I wish I had a puppy to use these tips on :( one day!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. When our family dog became a little-old-man dog (he finally passed on at the age of 17!), he liked having a little-old-man dog sweater to keep warm but otherwise- uh-uh! Still, these are great tips that we'll have to try.

  5. I find it very easy to photograph my pupster - he is such a poser just for the fun of it, no treat necessary. :)
    Your little ones are just lovely! x

  6. Well your dogs are so photogenic!


  7. ha ha that photo with the glasses is brilliant!


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  9. Good tips and awesome pictures!

  10. Great tips! Those last two photos are my favorites. I alternate using treats and giving neck scratches with Casey so he doesn't expect cookies every time he sees the camera. I also mix commands (sit, stay) with high-pitched noises to make his ears go up once in awhile, my husband says I'm a stage mom. He has the same reindeer outfit as Teemo, so cute!

  11. Really great tips on getting those cute dogs to pose for pics! I can tell it takes a lot of work and patience but your shots turn out amazing!


  12. These are the cutest photos I've ever seen. I don't know about you, but every time I put the camera in front of my dog its like she instantly knows whats going on and puts her "pretty" face on. gets me every time! xo

  13. I love the one where Raynor is licking off the glasses so cute! I would imagine it is about taking lots of pictures as well. :)

  14. Awwww these are super cute. You have the best dogs!

  15. your dogs are adorable!! I have a beauty of my own and I know how much you can love them :)

  16. I have to trick Mia. Soon as I bring the camera out she looks the other way like...'not again mom'

  17. Haha, my dog is so hyper and runs so fast I feel like these wouldn't work too well. Usually, to get him to stay still, we have to whipser "bird? dead bird? get the bird!!" He's a hunting dog and that's just about the only thing that'll keep him occupied for a mere moment.

  18. Great tips, thank you! I was attempting to photograph dogs at the humane society yesterday and having a devil of a time. And thank you for noting that you shouldn't torture a dog with a costume for your own benefit. Drives me bananas when people do that!

  19. My dog Mason will sit perfectly still for pictures, but he has this look on his face like you just pooped in his cereal. I have to try to catch him while he's not looking to get a normal picture.

  20. Such a great post! I still have your other training one. I need to remember to highlight it! My dogs are still horrible posers! -Jess L

  21. DYING over the pic of your pup with one ear up!! So freaking cute! I post about my doggy too--hes a chihuahua/collie mix!!



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