Friends, Follies, & Mickey Ears

The last Florida post!! Ah! It's been tortourous for me to keep having the posts pop up - I want to be back there! Our last day in Florida we got to go meet up my friend Leah for a bit - we haven't seen each other in too long. It was great to catch up and grab a beer, I only wish we would have had a bit longer.

Katherine & Leah Close UpKatherine & LeahHello Kitty Ring

We drove back to start packing, take the dogs on their last walk in the pretty parks of Celebration, and relax a bit before the 14 hour drive. While we were in Disney, I bought these little Mickey ear hats for Teemo. I couldn't resist taking photos of him in all the adorableness.

Teemo, the sad MouseketeerSpace Invaders NecklaceSparkly Tights, Not sparkly DogShinzi Katoh Tote & CorgiBelt & Kate Spade Bracelet DetailTrying To Put a Hat On TeemoTeemo & I In the PatioCelebration!My Dog & I

sweater :: j crew factory remixed
dress :: express
tights :: target
third degree heels :: seychelles remixed
tote :: shinzi katoh remixed
necklace :: asos remixed
bracelet :: kate spade remixed
earrings :: forever 21
headband :: free people remixed


  1. You are so cute and I loveee your tights!

  2. Ok first, let's talk about Teemo in that hat..are you trying to kill us with cuteness?! And your shoes! *Swoon* Love this outfit!
    It's sweltering in FL today, 82 today then near 90's tomorrow. This is the Florida I don't care too much for. Mosquitoes and heat :(

  3. Aw I love your Florida pictures! This outfit was my fave of the Florida outfits. I love the striped dress, the tights and those adorable Mary Janes! And, of course, Teemo is looking as cute as ever!

  4. Oh my I do love that dress on you! So flattering. Beautiful colour on the sweater too. cute is your doggie? And patient. I don't think Zoe would stand for that.


  5. love the striped fit and flare dress, it has really nice structure! and those hats are tooo cute awwww

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  6. The little hat...I freaking die!

  7. Aww Teemo Mickey ears! Sooo cute!
    This striped dress too! It makes me wish I had a striped dress even more than I already do. It looks wonderful with the blue cardigan and shoes.

  8. That picture of you and your dog is so cute! You look like the happiest person on the planet. I also love your dress. It fits you so beautifully.

  9. I love these pictures, anytime the pups are involved its great!! I love the striped dress and bright cardigan! Such a lovely contrast

  10. That last picture of your doggy. Best ever. I visit your blog whenever I want my corgi fix.

    I mean... for you too. <3

    7% Solution​

  11. Is that a space invaders necklace ?! <3!

  12. I will always adore how your puppies make it into your posts. If only mine was pick-up-able and not a hyper mess... ahhhhh. His little ears are so cute (both sets, of course, hehe!) and I do hope that you had a good time meeting up with your friend! :D

    Your tights are really quite precious. The little jewel detail is just perfect!

  13. You look adorable, and your pup in the mickey hat pretty much just made my morning- SO CUTE! This is how I felt having Hawaii posts after had already returned to the cold and snow- it was torture!

  14. Those shoes are killers , amazing ,
    i loved how you styled the whole outfit together perfectly , you are such a cutie ,

    Check out my new post ( Pink Lady + 400 Followers YAY ! ) :-

  15. This post is just brimming with cuteness! But your blog is brimming with cuteness, so I'm not surprised! I love the outfit- always always- and I want cute little hats for my dogs! Of course, they would be torn into pieces within minutes, especially when Stella gets it off her head.....--Jess L

  16. ahhhh~~ love the mickey hat on teemo!!

  17. Awww..Teemo is so adorable!! Especially with that cute Mickey hat! =D
    You sure know how to have your dog's accessories to match with your cardigan.

  18. You are so pretty! Love those shoes, omg :O!

    <3 Megan

  19. aw, the matching Mickey hat is the icing on the cake to this outfit! What a great color for a cardigan - and the perfect length!

  20. Oh my goodness, Teemo looks so adorable! I need to get one of those for my puppy next time I'm down there! Also, your dress is so great! I love the stripes. :)


  21. You and Leah look beautiful! Your shoes are beautiful. And Teemo looks so tired & adorable with his little Disney hat ;)

  22. LOVE the shoes. I think they make the outfit. Adorable Mickey hat!

  23. I almost had a heart attack at how cute Teemo is in those hats!! Gorgeous photos <3

  24. I love your outfit! It's so cute. The colour combo of the cardigan & dress is great! I love Express dresses.



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