The last Florida post!! Ah! It's been tortourous for me to keep having the posts pop up - I want to be back there! Our last day in Florida we got to go meet up my friend Leah for a bit - we haven't seen each other in too long. It was great to catch up and grab a beer, I only wish we would have had a bit longer.

Katherine & Leah Close UpKatherine & LeahHello Kitty Ring

We drove back to start packing, take the dogs on their last walk in the pretty parks of Celebration, and relax a bit before the 14 hour drive. While we were in Disney, I bought these little Mickey ear hats for Teemo. I couldn't resist taking photos of him in all the adorableness.

Teemo, the sad MouseketeerSpace Invaders NecklaceSparkly Tights, Not sparkly DogShinzi Katoh Tote & CorgiBelt & Kate Spade Bracelet DetailTrying To Put a Hat On TeemoTeemo & I In the PatioCelebration!My Dog & I

sweater :: j crew factory remixed
dress :: express
tights :: target
third degree heels :: seychelles remixed
tote :: shinzi katoh remixed
necklace :: asos remixed
bracelet :: kate spade remixed
earrings :: forever 21
headband :: free people remixed
-101 : corgi reception

My dogs pose, fairly well at that. Here's a few little tips on getting dogs to pose well, especially when in costume.

-160 : how to teach an old dog new tricks

Have a treat ready
I mean this. If you want something to turn out good, have a yummy treat in your hand. Or a toy - some dogs enjoy toys more. Teemo likes treats, Raynor likes pettings.

-159 : say what????

Give commands
Sit & stay work well, but sometimes I have Teemo beg as well. (Also, long haired me is weird to see)


Minimize distractions
This gets hard in parks! I usually don't have treats with me either. A lot of this is training, but when possible and starting out, try photographing your pups in your own home or yard. Early photos of Raynor were blurry as she would not sit still, ever.

christmas corgi

Don't leave the costume on
I don't usually walk Teemo or Raynor in their outfits - sometimes coats are fine because Raynor actually gets cold and kind of needs one, but hats or scarves drag too easily. I typically carry their outfits/costumes until we start taking photos so that Teemo doesn't trip over his tie (which yes, he has done.)

-338 : how does he do it?

Don't force it
If my dogs take the costume off more than once, I'm done. If they really don't want to wear it, chances are it's uncomfortable and not fun for them. Coats and jackets they rarely try to get off unless they start playing, but there are some things that never make it to the Internet because they don't love them. Some dogs hate costumes, mine seem to bear it for a treat, and in the case of coats, actually seem to like it. This favorite photo of Raynor I have is actually a fail, she was licking the glasses off and I managed to catch the photo on my second try before giving up because she really hated it. She will let me wrap her in Christmas lights and put a guinea pig on her happily though.

Our last day in the parks was split between Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, then we promptly went home to relax with the pups after lunch because by this time we were so incredibly tired! I feel like it starts to show in the photos too. The big thing putting a smile on my face is my new Shinzi Katoh tote we picked up in the Japan Pavillion in Epcot - Jason helped me pick it out. He said this one was most 'me', especially with the quote that reads 'I would like to travel somewhere unknown.... until it gets dark.' The rest of the outfit is a bit 'Little Mermaid' inspired, mostly because the dress has a seashell print!

50s Prime Time Cafe Menu50s Prime Time Cafe :: Jason and KatherineKeds And A Dog StatueUnder The Sea, Little Mermaid OutfitOn The MonorailShinzi Katoh Balloon ToteDenim at 50s Prime Time Cafe

I definitely packed up an array of nail polishes to do Chantal of Pony Chops' cute Little Mermaid nail tutorial that she did as a guest post here a bit ago. Check it out here.

Magic Kingdom Fast PassUnder The Sea, Little Mermaid Outfit outfit inspiration
jacket :: merona via target remixed
sweater :: gap outlet remixed
sugarhill boutique dress :: modcloth (similarremixed
belt :: target remixed
sneakers :: keds remixed
tights :: target remixed
bag :: shinzi katoh

Don't forget to enter to win a $350 Visa gift card from Subaru here!

First, really embarassingly wonderful video of mine and Jason's future that is mostly funny due to our strange, creepily smiling faces like that. I thought this was a good one!

Wine at EpcotEpcotRay BansDesigning A Car at Epcot in Test TrackJapan Pavillion GardenCurry And UdonJason Katherine at The SeasThe Seas with NemoJason at the Seas with NemoBeer Cheese Soup Le Cellier

Our big day in Epcot was tiring, but fun. Walking nearly 11 miles each day was difficult - but we tried to take this park a bit easier. We had dinner at Le Cellier Steakhouse and found out that making foods you love in restaurants at home actually means you stop liking it as much in the restaurant! We perfected our beer cheese soup to us - no chicken broth, more cheese, more beer - so the one in the restaurant wasn't as good anymore. If you want to try our version (which is vegetarian! theirs isn't) go here.

Pink Keds And SparklesElephant Dress, Elephant NecklaceMaelstromRay Bans & KakigoriElephant Outfit Epcot

outfit inspiration
carigan :: j crew factory
dress :: ezra via francesca's collections remixed
belt :: aerie remixed
tights :: target remixed
sneakers :: keds remixed
necklace :: j crew factory (similar) remixed
earrings :: kate spade remixed
tote :: sass & peril remixed
watch :: casio
sunnies :: ray ban remixed
Animal Kingdom Map

Animal Kingdom is definitely the over looked Disney park to me. It's the one we spend the least time in, and I always forget how much I actually like it. The Expedition Everest ride is one of my favorites (still not happy the Yeti is broken though), I love dino land, and it's a great place for photos. We spent only a small amount of time here as we went home to walk the dogs and take care of a few things in the middle of the day.

Cold Drinks!
Beam Me Up Scotty Dress ModclothKatherine at Bug's LifeDress & RingElephant :: AnimalKingdomShoes & LightsExpedition Everest Fast PassKatherine at Animal KingdomKate Spade Dog Earrings

This outfit is inspired by Lilo of Lilo and Stitch. Red and blue is her signature, and she surely loves dogs - remember Stitch was found in a dog pound! I ended up losing this belt sometime during the day. Moral of the story : don't buy belts off eBay for 2 dollars and then wear them to Disney. This is the second time I've done that!
Dog Dress at Primeval Whirl
Magical Mystical Yeti Mickey Ice Cream BarKatherine at Animal Kingdom wih the Dino Sign

outfit inspiration
sweater : j crew outlet remixed
beam me up scotty dress :: modcloth remixed
tights :: target remixed
blue sneakers :: keds remixed
belt :: ebay
necklace :: pretty pany remixed
headband :: free preople remixed
watch :: tokyobay remixed
bag :: sass & peril remixed