Spiced Cranberry Mimosa

I'm a big fan of mimosas on Christmas - my mom has been making them at the holidays lately. But I don't totally get why they seem to be only orange juice based, especially when the fruit of the season is definitely cranberry. So here is a really yummy take on the traditional mimosa.

What You'll Need
Mulling Spice
Cranberry Cocktail Juice
Pomegranate Liquer
Brut Champagne (I don't buy a nice quality here, just something bubbly)

Pour some plain old cranberry juice cocktail into a large pot and start to heat over medium high heat until it gets to a simmer.

Drop in a sachet of mulling spices. You can the one I am using here or here's a recipe. As a side note, when making this, we found out star anise is in the nut family, so if you are allergic to tree nuts, leave the star anise out!

Simmer for 15 minutes and then pour into a pitcher and cool for a few hours in the fridge.

Fill two tall flutes halfway with your spiced cranberry juice.

Then fill all the way with champagne or bubbly wine or even sparkling grape juice! And then enjoy!!


  1. This sounds delicious! I love fruity drinks and cranberry cocktails! I also love the placement next to your cute little modern tree decoration.

  2. wow it seems to be delicious <3<3<3

  3. yum!! i will totally be trying this before the season ends :) thanks for sharing!

    <3 Meg

  4. mm I shall try with sparkling grape juice :)
    xx mili


  5. Sounds and looks delicious. Haven't had mimosa for a while!

  6. This sounds amazing! It also reminds me of a bubbly version of gluhwein, a traditional German Christmas drink.

    Thanks for the idea and recipe!


  7. This sounds delicious! Definitely going to have to try it out on Christmas Eve for the family!


  8. not a big fan of orange juice so this looks yum to me. :)

  9. Love the color of the mimosa! And I love the colors on the first pic! Thanks for the links to the mulling spice!

  10. okay this drink seriously looks UH-MAZE!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, lady!

    Lady à la Mode

  11. Wow that sounds amazing!!!! I am a big fan of mimosas on New Years Eve Day. MAY have to try this then! :)

  12. I've been drinking these today, along with mimosas/bucks fizz. My husband calls them poinsettias.


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