Skies of Ore &Snow

Our 'second Christmas' was wonderful also, although the dogs were still a bit tired from the first one. Raynor didn't open as many gifts and Teemo was pooped out on the couch fairly early. I was really excited as I got a new camera lens! It's a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and I LOVE it. Kind of completely attached to it already.


Forever now, I have joked that my husband's hometown is in Canada. I know, I know, north eastern Ohio really cannot be compared to the snowfall that occurs up there I'm sure, but in comparison to my hometown in southern Ohio, it's actually a huge difference. So our four hour drive on Christmas Eve took us from 40+ degree weather to 25 degree weather with snow on the ground. If you can't tell - I'm not made for the snow.

sweater :: ann taylor outlet (similarremixed
skies of ore dress :: anthropologie
tights :: francesca's collections
brogues :: born
necklace :: rusty chain jewelry remixed
headband :: anthropologie remixed
bracelet :: kate spade remixed


  1. I'm not made for the snow and cold either. I usually end up wanting to hibernate by around this time and re-emerge in the spring.

  2. Ick to snow! Happy holidays though.

  3. More that adorable! love the gif and the lens! Have a great New Years Eve and happy New year dear!

  4. yay new lens! wow, I can't believe there was such a drop in temperature in one state, crazy. happy new year!
    xx mili

  5. Yay for a new lens, can't wait to see more beautiful pics.

  6. I actually think they get more snow there than we do LOL. Central Canada is brutal for snow and cold. Mind you, we live in Toronto, which is on the same latitude as Boise and I think still a bit warmer because of the Great Lake, although we did get snow now and I'm none too happy about it.

    Lucky you on the new lens!

    Happy New Year!


  7. I am ready for the snow and cold to go AWAY. How is it only New Year's Eve?

  8. Great photos, that dress is adorable! Looks like you had an awesome christmas :)


  9. This dress is absolutely stunning on you, I love the open back and that little polka dots. I get so sick of the snow too, it's cold and it sucks after months and months of it.
    These are really great photos, it looks like a really wonderful Christmas!! Your puppies are always so cute

  10. sigmas are awesome lenses! I own a huge zoom lens from them and it's lovely. :]

  11. Snow! I am a desert rat from Las Vegas. I only dream of snow!

  12. Love the Ohio necklace, of course! :) I love all of your gifs too by the way, so fun!!

    <3 Meg

  13. I'm loving that dress! Great photos!

    Happy 2013!

  14. Loving your hair Katherine! Tres Belle!


    Nike O.

  15. This is such a cute dress to, i love your blog!

    I'm your newest stalker! (follower)



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