Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds


Everyone, meet Lucy. She is my mother in laws dog. Lucy hates me. Seriously, I love dogs, and 9.5 times out of 10 they love me back, but I am totally this dog's least favorite person. So that's exactly why she looks like she's got her hands up in a surrender. But we've come along way - she doesn't poop on me when I pick her up anymore, she barks at me, and she runs closer to me than ever before. One day, I hope she'll love me. She has an excuse though - she spent two years of her life in a cage in a puppy mill having babies. She was lucky to be rescued and found probably the most loving home ever. She is an amazing dog and has come such a long way from the dog I met 3 years ago who wouldn't leave the corner of the room.

Speaking of pups and pup related things, my friend Sarah of Chic Sprinkles is an amazing designer who has a fluffy white cutie named Coco Bean. Sarah graduated from college with us an is such a talented designer. She worked with Serena of Pretty Fluffy to create an adorable e-book fully of pup recipes and amazingly beautiful images. You can get it for only $12.95 here. Makes me wish I had Lucy around more often because of how photogenic white fluffy dogs seem.


Also - it was nearly impossible to take this shoe photo. She loves Jason a bit though, so he got her to pose.


dress :: anthropologie remixed
sweater :: j crew factory diy-ed remixed
heels :: seychelles clue bootie remixed
necklace & hairpin :: sugarcookie remixed
rings :: modcloth remixed
cuff :: target remixed
tote :: sass & peril via remixed


  1. oh my, this dog is so cuuuute :) and YOU <3 i'm in love :)! sweetie, can i put your banner on my blog?

  2. Aww Lucy is so cute, even if she doesn't always cooperate! That makes me SO sad that she was in a puppy mill, but I'm glad she has a wonderful home now!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. She is so sweet! I am sure eventually you will be best friends. x

  4. My parents' dog is named Lucy also and she and I don't get along. Maybe it's dogs named Lucy?

  5. That's so sad that she spent her first few years in a cage having babies at a puppy mill. How horrible, i am so happy to hear she has a loving home now. Most of the time dogs like me too, i'm always surprised when I get barked at by one.
    I love this lemon coloured dress, the subtle pattern on it is so lovely. Gorgeous shoes too!!

  6. Aw, that's horrible she was in a puppy mill- good thing she was rescued. And she's such a cutie, I find it so hard to believe she wouldn't like you! And you guys look so cute together =P And your friend helped publish such a fun book- I'd love to make puppy treats. I really need to get myself a pet!

  7. Aw that dog is cutie, what a horrible story! Poor thing! Dogs can be so strange sometimes. My parents dog HATES everyone (aside from my immediate family), but she likes Jon for some reason. She will bark a few times when she walks in and then like a light bulb goes off and shes like oh yea I like strange.

    Love this dress on you!!!


  8. aww poor puppy :( glad she got saved though! your nails are super cool :)
    xx mili

  9. Poor baby :(! She is super cute, even if she is a little nasty! I love your sweater!

    1. She's definitely sweet, just afraid of me! The barking is a good sign - she used to be too afraid to even be in the same room with me really or sit on the same couch.

  10. I really adore your blog and your posts! Keep up the good work! :)

  11. Aw who could resist you Katherine?!?! This pup is just so cute and so is your pretty yellow dress!

  12. Rescue dogs always bring tears to my eyes, thanks for the introduction to Lucy, she looks like a sweatheart. Uou look adorable, and I am curious about the book, will check it out.

  13. awww...this post is just screaming with it! =)

  14. PS did you see Lemon’s hot-pink-and-teal dress this week? I died. We need to devise a plan on how to rob that set.

  15. your necklace is sooo cute!!

  16. Lucy is a DOLL!! I think she probably likes you more than you know. Dogs can be so funny with thier quirks for sure.

    Cute book too... I'm heading off now to check it out....

  17. Amazing backstory for Lucy. So kind that your in-laws rescued her! Love the outfit too. The cardigan is playful yet sophisticated.

  18. It's nice to see that you and Lucy have come a long way. Dog-in-laws can be a handful at times. ;)

  19. It's a shame that PA has such a bad reputation for puppy mills when there are so many great rescue places and decent breeders in the area too.

  20. Lucy is so sweet, I am sure she will love you more and more soon, she just had a rough life up until her new good life! :) You look so amazing in that dress and the two tone cardigan is awesome!


  21. That necklace is my cuppa tea! : 0

    That book looks great. I sometimes bake treats for my baby Zoe but it takes more time and we all know just how precious that is. I've gotten overrun with blog and work stuff and gone back to store bought lately.

    I hate puppy mills. I'm glad she was rescued.


  22. poor Lucy! It breaks my heart she had to go through this. I's such a joy knowing she's in loving family now
    you look adorable, esp your necklace!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

  23. So sweet! Wish you a lovely weekend!

  24. Sweet Lucy. So glad she's with your mother in law now. It's so important to spread awareness about puppy mills and give shelter dogs a second chance! Love the e-book! I'm definitely going to take a look!! I love your yellow dress!!

  25. too cute! :) it's good to hear your on good terms now <3

  26. Aww she's cute and so are you! I'm glad Lucy has been doing better since she's been rescued.
    Also, I'm in love with your two-toned cardigan and pretty yellow dress. The sweetheart neckline is really flattering. Your teacup necklace is adorable too.

  27. one of my fave songs ;) and beautiful pictures of you and lucy! she's the cutest wee thing

    steph /

  28. That is great that your mother-in-law rescued her!! How sweet. Sorry she doesn't seem too fond of you. :( aw.
    I really wish I was allowed to have a dog where I live. I miss my dog so much (she lives with my parents right now). Gah. When we get a place that allows dogs. . .I'll probably take in a bunch of them (my friend takes in foster puppies and trains them and finds homes for them. . .and I always fall in love with them all when I visit).


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