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Really, there is no better way to spend a birthday than at Disney. Especially two years in a row. This year we actually got to go to a park - Jason's parents came along and we enjoyed a day in Hollywood Studios.


We got birthday buttons - my name is misspelled, but who cares?! It's my birthday! Or rather, it was.


Dinner at the Flying Fish cafe was wonderful. We got a cheese plate, were brought some complimentary champagne, and shared a delicious pork tenderloin. People are always thrown when they see my husband I both wearing the 'birthday buttons' - but we're not joking, we are seriously born on the same day, only an hour apart. It's quite awesome.


We picked up some Vinylmation and got the chance to walk around the park to take photos and unwrap them before dinner. My in laws went home to give the pups a long walk - it's great being so close to a theme park.

dress :: anthropologie feline karma dress remixed
sweater :: j crew factory remixed
necklace :: prettypany
shoes :: keds remixed
belt :: ebay remixed (it totally fell off, actually, and i lost it. UGH!)
tote :: sass & peril via remixed


  1. Disney seriously is the best place to spend birthdays! It looks like you guys had an amazing time! Happy late birthday to you!

  2. Aw I love Disney, I've only ever been to the paris one though. Glad you had a good birthday :)


  3. Looks like you had a great birthday! On a side note, I now have t buy that dress! Cause you make it bloody adorable :)

  4. Aw how sweet! And how cool that you guys have the same birthday!

  5. What an awesome birthday! Glad you were able to spend it somewhere you love! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to you both- so fun that you share a birthday!

  7. you guys look so cute! i just can't <3

  8. Love Disney!! Glad that you both had a great time! So awesome that you are literally an hour apart!!!

  9. So much fun! also- I love your necklace!

  10. What a great birthday! I love Disney so much - I haven't been there in a year, and it feels like forever! The Toy Story ride is the best!


  11. What an absolutely amazing birthday!!! This looks like so much fun, and it's so awesome that you share a birthday. This dress is adorable, I can't get enough of this cat print. And that food is making me soooo hungry!! Yum!

  12. Oh wauw, I knew it was your birthday but I must have missed your birthdays are on the same day, how incredible! I want to Disneyland so badly! xo

  13. This is so beautiful and enchanting looking. Also that dress on you is so dreamy. You are forever my envied traveling blogger friend. You make me want to go on cross country adventures, always.

  14. adorable photos!!!
    your dress is so cute on you! :D

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  15. I'm so jealous, I love Disney! And I'm sure that's an awesome way to spend your birthday! Its also a fabulous time of year to go with all the Christmas decorations and in the warm weather. That is super crazy that you guys have the same exact birthday!

    xo Jenny

  16. Looks like so much fun! Happy birthday to you both.


  17. You are such a lucky girl! Would love to spend my birthdays like that, too...

  18. Eeee, it looks like you had the best birthday ever! I would LOVE to spend my birthday at Disney :) Your dress is the cutest, and that food looks delicious!

  19. Oh how fun and what a great dress print! Glad that you had a wonderful time for your birthday. xx/Madison

  20. What a wonderful looking place. I am really still in awe at the fact that you have the same birthday and think it is darling. I am glad you enjoyed your time celebrating it together down there too!!! How fun!!!!! One day I need to see what it is like in person there.

  21. Happy belated birthday!!! :) I had an ex who had the same birthday as me... but we were a few years apart. It was always easy to remember and I suck at remember peoples birthdays! This dress is so adorable on you. I love all the ways that you styled it! Also loving all these Florida posts!


  22. SO cute! Happy Birthday to you!!!

  23. aww i used to work at hollywood studios these pictures bring back memories :) looks like you had a fab time xxx

  24. My most favorite dress of yours ever! I'm glad you two had fun on your birthdays :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  25. So cool you have the same birthday! Looks like a great time.

    I love *my* dress on you ; P


  26. What a great way to spend a birthday!! Love the pics too!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  27. How fun! And you look gorgeous as always!

  28. I wondered if you'd ever share any photos of you at Disney. They are lovely. :) You have to get a Fastpass for the Toy Story ride. We always take photos of us with the pass because your lucky to even get one. Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom are my favorite parks.

  29. I am OBSESSED with Disney. I love that you spent your birthday there!!!


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