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I'll admit I haven't been as in the spirit of the holidays as normal. Jason's made an attempt to make it better by taking me into Christmas Candylane at HersheyPark. Overcrowded with limited rides, the things he had read about and been excited about seemed to pale in comparison of the promises on the web. We spent a small amount of time in the park trying to take a single decent photo (he had chose this because of the 2 million plus twinkling lights, which we find hard to believe, or if there is, they are mostly used in a light show in a small river of the park). Our dinner ended up worse when the fig compote on our pizza which they swore didn't have nuts in it surely did.



In the end, we chalked this up to a bad date night and decided to make it better the next day. We took photos of my outfit in decent lighting, played with the dogs, and wrapped gifts while watching White Christmas.


hat :: handmade remixed
sweater :: halogen via nordstrom rack
tee :: forever 21 remixed
red riding hood tights :: modcloth
boots :: love cutlure remixed
coat :: forever 21
necklace :: via noto remixed
rings :: c/o oasap & modcloth remixed


  1. Cutest tights! And red looks really good on you. Love this tote too! That sucks your date night didn't go so well. I hate when that happens. I haven't been in the Christmas spirit much either. I hope going to see the nutcracker tonight will help that!

  2. Ugh I hate days when everything seems to go wrong and you just end up in a grumpy mood. At least you guys were able to bounce back and have a good day the next day, wrapping presents, and playing with pups is definitely mood lifting!!
    Love this skirt, the sparkles on it are gorgeous, perfect with the red sweater and hat! and those tights! Sooo cute

  3. Hershey Park is so much better in the spring. Then all the coasters are open, but there aren't quite as many crazy tourists there yet. Trust me, my brother works there. :)

    I'm loving your outfit! That hat looks so comfy!


  4. Your leggings are just too cute! I remember going there as a kid and I think it was just as busy back then too!

  5. How cute are your tights! Hope you have a very merry Christmas! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Love those tights! Cute outfit! :)

  7. sorry your hershey park date didn't go as planned :( but sounds like you had a great day after! love the swallows on your skirt :) and awesome tights!
    xx mili

  8. I'm not feeling in the mood for Christmas yet either. I don't know what it is about this year! Sorry about your date too. It sucks when plans don't work out like you thought they would.
    I really like this outfit you're wearing. The tights are so super cute and the color of your cardigan and hat looks so pretty with them.

  9. That glitter on your skirt is so pretty! And so are your tights. I'm not really into christmas mode either, but that's mostly because I have to study. I don't even have a gift for my boyfriend yet, unbelievable!

  10. Those tights are so much fun! :) I love wrapping presents and preparing for everything. I haven't really watched any Christmas movies, though. I keep meaning to watch Elf. I've never seen it... :X

  11. As usual, I love all the details of the outfit.

    Hope White Christmas and gift wrapping put you in the Christmas mood more :)

  12. Your red riding hood tights... OH MY GOODNESS. Those are THE sweetest thing I have ever seen! If you had not said that it was a bad date, I would never have guessed with those pretty lights, but I am glad you guys made it up the next day! Happy Friday to you!
    xo Hannah

  13. You are always so cute! You inspire me to wear hats more often!
    I love those tights too!

    I have similar stories to yours. One time Dominick tried to surprise me and take me to Greenfield Village Christmas event, but he didn't tell me we would be I wore flats. And he didn't tell me we were going with friends and taking one we couldn't leave. I was cold and awful.

    Another time, we went to Barnes and Noble and the lady at the cafe offered us a sample...failing to mention there were nuts in it. So we had to leave and go straight to Dominick's house, where he took Benadryl and passed out.

  14. Bummer on the evening. Sounds like you made the best of it though. And hey! I love the skirt ; P


  15. I'm so in love with your tights ! I wanted to buy them too <3
    You look super cuuuuute <3
    And these photos made me smile <3

  16. Aww sorry the date night was a bummer. But it looks like a nice save! Happy Friday, weekend & holidays!

  17. Oh man...I hate lousy days where nothing goes right and you've slept in and got a late start to the day. Atleast you seemed not too terrible irked by it!

  18. Aw I'm sorry date night was a bummer. BUT your tights are super cute!

  19. Aww, sorry to hear about that unfortunate day, but I'm so happy that you were able to finally enjoy it later. And, those have to be the best tights! You look lovely dear. Happy holidays. xo/Madison

  20. The sequins on your skirt and the little christmas printed tights definitely make this outfit.
    Most of my date nights turn out to be a bummer if only because I have much too high expectations of the universe. Haha.


  21. Ugh, it's no fun when expectations don't pan out. Your tights are cute!

  22. Sorry to hear about your bad date night, but I am happy to hear the next day was better! Love your burgundy look, so sweet with the added beret! Your tights are fantastic!


  23. Oh dear, bad date nights are well...bad!

    But your tights are so cute!

  24. hey katherine! really sorry to hear about date night. that's horrible! i want to visit hershey park in hershey, PA. i discovered it a few years ago and heard about their spa and such. i was also interested in seeing the city. let me know if it's a PASS. hahahai love those little gold birds on your dress/skirt. gosh they are so pretty! hope all is well doll :)

  25. Super cute outfit darling loving the cold weather clothes. I'm totally pining for layers, boots and tights at the moment. Hope you have a great Christmas

  26. Boo! I'm sorry to hear your date night kinda sucked :(. I'd be pretty upset if a restaurant told me something was free of nuts when it wasn't. Depending on what kind of allergy you have that can be deadly! At least you looked super cute. Love those sweater tights!



    Southern (California) Belle

  27. Cute boots! Also, those tights make the outfit perfect :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  28. Adorable you are as always! I can't wait to see and eat in a new place! So excited about food and snow in the Midwest! -Jess

  29. Aw, hope you're feeling more relaxed by now. You look lovely as always, such a cheerful mix of color and creatures :)

  30. Love your tights here!!! The whole outfit is so cute!


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