Cheer in Cincinnati

Last year we were unable to return to our 'homes' in Ohio, so spending the holidays back in my hometown was really a treat. It's different now than when I was a kid - as my mom pointed out, I wasn't begging to open just ONE gift the night before. And now, Christmas eve really acts as Christmas day part one for us. We enjoyed opening gifts with my parents and brother, and my grandmother and uncle came to enjoy the meal my mom and I made. I was SUPER tired after spending most the day in the kitchen making au gratin potatoes, french onion soup, and creamed corn!

The dogs love Christmas by the way! They helped open gifts, sat by me in the kitchen while I cooked, tried to steal everyone's candy, and eventually passed out onto my grandma's lap.


I got some really adorable gifts - including these Kate Spade studs! More things with animals on them, yes? Plus, we got the counterparts to our 'his and hers' glasses - 'mine' and 'yours'.

cardigan :: j crew outlet remixed
wheatberry beautiful dress :: modcloth remixed
tights :: target remixed
clue booties :: seychelles via gilt remixed
necklace :: target remixed
earrings :: kate spade
bracelet :: gift
ring :: julep
headband :: anthropologie


  1. The food au gratin potatoes in the first picture look delicious. Now I want to make some.

  2. Mmmm au gratin potatoes LOVE : )

    Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds like a great Christmas!! I love seeing all the photos, it looks like a lot of fun. Your dress is so beautiful, I love the colour and shimmer to it!
    And those potatoes look soooo tasty

  4. Your dog gifs always take me by surprise! I love them :)

    Looks like a great christmas, im envious of the kate spade books and those shoes are beautiful!

    Hope you have a lovely new year xxx

  5. It really is a dog's life. Looks like a wonderful holiday!

  6. aww puppies, presents, and food! glad you enjoyed your stay at home :) you always have the prettiest dresses!
    xx mili

  7. Those earrings are so cute! And it's so adorable that the dogs sat with you while you cooked and kept you company. :)

  8. I loved that GIF, your pups are adorable.

  9. Sounds like your holidays were fantastic and delicious! The dogs look like they had a great holiday too! You look amazing in your dress and love your new earrings!


  10. Heey, you have a lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

    Happy New Year btw!

    xx BBella

  11. Presents galore! Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Your doggies are adorable as ever!

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Teemo is such a cutie <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  13. Your dogs are so cute! love the pictures, loves like you had a great christmas :) the salted caramel looks so good! Happy new year! xx

  14. That gif!! Awww. I could also really go for some salted caramel right now... looks like you had a fantastic Christmas!

  15. It looks like you all had a lovely day!

  16. You got some lovely gifts :) I love how you painted your nails for the festivities <3 I didn't know you were from Ohio originally - I'm your neighbour then though I don't live in Indiana anymore, I know I will find myself there every other Christmas :D

  17. cincinnati is my home too! just moved away and miss it so much. im also obsessed with the kitty dress... i missed my chance to get it, but i did get that kitty cardigan from loft for christmas! love it :D


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