New York State of Mind

Jason got to fly in for basically a day this weekend, and we went to New York City for a wondrous few hours of events. Our first stop was 'Say Cheese' in the Upper West Side to kick off our little grilled cheese tour (<- info) in style. I thought it would be fun to visit grilled cheese places within the area and already am building a list of places to visit! Say Cheese was pretty darn good, although a tiny little place. It was a good start to our little journey to find the best grilled cheese. You can read my review of it here.

Say Cheese NYCSay Cheese NYCSay Cheese NYCSay Cheese NYCSay Cheese NYC

But the main reason we visited was even bigger! One of my best friends got engaged over the weekend, and I got to be there to experience it! It was all I could do not to allude to my visit to New York for this long, let alone keep all my excitement about the event bottled up. Becki has been my friend forever, since the first time we met when I ran up to her exclaiming to be her Myspace friend to when we stripped down to our underwear to swim across the Little Miami River because we thought we saw a cat but it was really a beaver to chat roulette-ing in Mickey ears. Becki's my wild child, the free-spirit, the real life manic pixie dream girl, and this had to be totally picture perfect (you know, since I was photographing it!). Her fiancee Jeremiah is a gem who treats her well and is organized - a perfect complement to her.

Becki & Jeremiah's New York EngagementBecki & Jeremiah's New York Engagement

It was perfect weather and fairly warm - about 10 degrees above average for this time of year! This was right before the hurricane and it's crazy to think what New York is like now. It was nice not wearing tights at all - much more comfortable for the 3 hour drive there and back anyway. I was thankful to have Jason there with me as well to eat with me and make this a lot less stressful. And take my photos.

new york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mindnew york state of mind

cardigan :: j crew factory diy-ed
dress :: trashy diva remixed
flats :: old navy
watch :: relic remixed
bag :: ebay remixed
headband :: forever 21 remixed
necklace :: via noto remixed


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! You look lovely, and that bag (a fox?!) is awesome! :) I would love to get back to NYC one of these days! SO much to see and do, I feel like we can never see enough! The last time we went we didn't even really get out of Brooklyn. Have a great weekend, dear!


  2. I've got to look up any grilled cheese places in my area.. NYC seems to have all sorts of food!

    Those two photos you took of them are way too adorable. :D

  3. Noormans Kil - whiskey & grilled cheese place

    Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

  4. omg! this post made me all kinds of happy! first grilled cheese tour?! seriously! That's all I used to eat, always will be one of my faves! And, that's so precious about your friend getting engaged! It sounds like it was such a special day!!! congrats to her!


  5. grilled cheese!! i'm off to make one NOW! i'm serious.

  6. Congrats to your two friends, that's so very exciting! And the fact that you got to be there for it with your husband is so wonderful. The grilled cheese sounds soo delicious and I'm kicking myself for not finding a place like that when i was there.
    These photos are so wonderful, central park is gorgeous. As are you, and your star print dress is so awesome!!

  7. katherine, Say Cheese would be right up my alley! i love cheese, grilled cheese and was that macaroni n cheese? omg'd!!! those first few pics just killed me. glad you got to spend some time together. that was really nice! i love your hair girl and your makeup looked awesome. congratulations to your friend! so excited for her. that's really nice!

  8. So fun to have a grilled cheese tour. Yummy! Glad you had such a great time. I've only been to NYC twice, but I loved every minute of it. So much to do in the city!

  9. Forgot to mention that I love your new bloggy look!!

  10. Mmm I haven't had a good grilled cheese in a long time! And yay for your friend getting engaged! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Grilled cheese makes everything better. This little place just looks adorable! And I love those captured pictures of the proposal. What a special time in her life! So glad you were there to celebrate ;)
    xo TJ

  12. It looks really cosy and I do like anything with cheese, so it's just perfect. Glad to hear you are all happy and well and the weather is actually THAT good.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Oh! Oh! Your bag is so funny! ^^ It's super cute too :)
    Let us know when you find that perfect grilled cheese, okay? So that I can try it too when I visit New York again... someday... haha! x

    Congrats to your friend becki and her now fiancee too! :) x

  14. I love the two colors on the cardigan :) And your bag is adorable!! Mmm the food looks delish! Congrats to your friend!!
    xx mili

  15. Congrats to your friend!! What an exciting time :) Your outfit is so cute! I love the bag and that necklace!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  16. This is SO cute! It's awesome that you got to photograph this for your friend, I need to work on my photo skills because I want to start taking these kinds of special moments/ events pics! Let me know if you want to go into business together (I hate my job) haha. I love both you and your friends dresses, AND your grilled cheese journey! I am going to a local's breweries 4th birthday party tomorrow and am pretty sure my fave grilled cheese truck will be there, hooray!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  17. Looks like a wonderful trip!! I really want that Mac N' Cheese, it looks soooooo good! :)

    Sophisticated Lace

  18. Amazing images. I love NYC. I've only been once but I feel so connected to the city!
    Congrats to your bestie!!! What an amazing time. The excitement can be so palpable! =)

  19. haha the beaver story is just too funny)) Congratulations to your friend!!!
    And I looove your purse :-)

  20. Oh my gosh it looks like you had a wonderful time! The shots of those two are SOOO adorable and I'm sure they will cherish them for a lifetime! I love your cardigan SO much, that is amazing!! I've never had anything two toned before!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  21. congrats to your friend! what a wonderful trip!! i'm glad you got to see jason, even if just for a day!

  22. That's crazy you got these pics just before the hurricane. You are lucky you missed it.

    I have to compliment your friend on her dress. Love it. Nice to have someone like you to photograph the event.


  23. Super cute dress! Congrats on your friend's engagement, it must have been pretty special to be there when it happened :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  24. Congrats to your friend! The pictures look adorable. :)
    Grilled cheese is one of the BEST foods. When I was little, I would eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  25. You have the most adorable style. Your accessories are always unique and so complimentary. Fave.

    My Painted Bird

  26. What a sweet engagement story to have someone there to capture the moment!

  27. A restaurant devoted to grilled cheese? That sounds fantastic! And a huge congrats to your friend!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  28. Sounds like a totally amazing trip! Congrats to your best friend, how exciting!!! I love grilled cheese and trying different kinds sounds so yummy! Love your cute photos! You dress and bag are so lovely! Always so happy to visit your blog! :)


  29. Looking super cute, I love that bag!

  30. you are so darn cute, and your bag is amazing. Love the idea of finding the best grilled cheese!

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  32. Congrats to your friends, they look adorable. So do you, that owl bag killed me, so good!


  33. Love your DIYed cardigan! So fun! And that dress is so pretty, but i esp. LOVE your fox bag! Omg, I need one!! Congrats to your pretty friend, they look so happy and adorable together. Looks like you had a fun trip! I totally love grilled cheese and you have me craving some now haha

  34. Your friends are so beautiful and cute that I could barely contain myself looking at them. And I want to go on a grilled cheese tour!

  35. I had grilled cheese for lunch today. And dinner. Addicted? I might be. But I need to check out that place on the UWS! It looks so delicious and I can never resist some grilled cheese. There's a food truck that stops by my office from time to time that serves it. :)

    Congratulations to your friends on their engagement though! It's awesome that you were able to be there for their special moment!

  36. Aw this looks like a really fun trip! I'd love to go back to visit New York some time soon. You also look super cute in your outfit here. I love that two-toned cardigan!

  37. Sounds wonderful! A big congratulations to your friend, and I love your purse xx

  38. I really dig that two-tone cardigan! and, looking at that macaroni & cheese makes me want to cry, it looks so tasty. sigh!

  39. So cute! Spending time with your husband and with friends getting engaged? So romantic!!! If you are looking for a good grilled cheese place in Pittsburgh, I've had really good grilled cheese at Hemmingway's in Oakland. It isn't any place special, its actually a college bar so I was really surprised when the grilled cheese turned out awesome.

    xo Jenny

  40. my favorite part (of the words) was "is a gem who treats her well and is organized" haha that def added to the fun description of your friend. sounds like you've had some amazingly memorable times & that is SO cool you were there to photograph them. I saw your pics on instagram and oh goodness they are just the cutest, going to be so special for them for years to come.

  41. Wow, it's nuts that you were there right before Sandy. Wow. Something to never forget!

  42. I loved to see your instagrams of all this, but to read it is lovelier.

  43. I like your post ALWAYS!!! :) this is great! I following you right now! kiss from:

  44. Katherine, you are a traveling rockstar! I love looking at photos of your trips, and MY you are capitalizing on being young and able to travel. That is awesome!! So I'm super jealous you were in New York...

    and that envelope necklace! AH!

    loved reading the few quick stories about you and Becki (and I cannot imagine how many wild adventures you have, if that was the sampling!). That's so great you were able to be a part of their engagement! They are an adorable couple.

    perfectly priya


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